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The ARMS M7760 is the largest bolt-on turbo possible that the engineers can fit into the limited space of the EJ engine compartment. Despite the size, the internals of the turbocharger speaks otherwise; extracting the most efficiency from it's design. The end result is a turbo that maintains the best characteristics of the EJ engine with the added benefit of an extended power band to the high RPM region. The crucial step in tuning the EJ is the turbocharger upgrade where the increase in overall performance can be acquired.

  • Primary exhaust pressure at low RPMs remains identical to stock

  • The boost build up is neither sluggish nor abrupt. Tomei has designed this to be natural and smooth. This characteristic provides a stress free driving experience with easy vehicle operation.

  • Response equal to stock trim

  • Generally, a larger turbocharger, relative to stock, results in decreased response of the engine. However, Tomei has managed to keep the response equal to that of the stock trim by matching the most ideal turbine and compressor wheel. Countless hours of testing was peformed to achieve these results.

  • Increased peak power

  • To achieve an increased peak power with various restrictions, such as the turbo size limit is considered a great achievement. Tomei is also proud of the perfectly instant response where there is no lag and no abrupt boost pressures.

  • Maintains boost pressure at high RPMs

  • It is evident taht the stock turbocharger cannot maintain or extend boost pressure above 5500 RPMs. The M7760 has the capacity to far extend this limit, making it an ideal step for further advanced tuning.

  • 100% Bolt on

  • The turbo kit comes complete with all the necessary gaskets, plumbing and hardware for easy installation. It can literally be bolted on right out of the box.

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