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Dodge Techna Fit Blue 4 Brake Lines

These SS brake lines are a direct replacement to the factory rubber lines. They are wrapped in stainless steel and then covered in PVC coating to ensure long lasting performance. Each line kit is specifically designed for each application. These lines are blue in color and there are 4 included in this kit

All Dodge Techna Fit Blue 4 Brake Lines
View All Dodge Aries Brake Lines
Dodge AriesMSRPPrice
(1985-1989) (4 line kit) $120.00  Add to Cart
View All Dodge Avenger Brake Lines
Dodge AvengerMSRPPrice
(1995) rear disc (4 line kit) $115.00  Add to Cart
View All Dodge Charger Brake Lines
Dodge ChargerMSRPPrice
(1982-1990) (4 line kit) $115.00  Add to Cart
View All Dodge Daytona Brake Lines
Dodge DaytonaMSRPPrice
(1984-1992) (4 line kit) $120.00  Add to Cart
View All Dodge Neon Brake Lines
Dodge NeonMSRPPrice
(1995-1996) rear drum (4 line kit) $115.00  Add to Cart
View All Dodge Shadow Brake Lines
Dodge ShadowMSRPPrice
(1987-1989) Rear Drum (4 line kit) $120.00  Add to Cart
View All Dodge SRT4 Brake Lines
Dodge SRT4MSRPPrice
Brake Lines$150.00$115.00  Add to Cart
View All Dodge Viper Brake Lines
Dodge ViperMSRPPrice
(1992) (4 line kit) $150.00  Add to Cart
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All Techna Fit Blue 4 Brake Lines
Techna Fit Blue 4 Brake Line Reviews
  (9.5 of 10) 8 Reviews    Write Review
904/16/2010SupraGreat product, just had to open up the bracket holes a little.
1003/28/2007SupraThe product above has deffinately satisfied all my expectations. I was looking for more instatanious stopping power and these brake lines did exaclty that, along with easy instalation. Plus, ordering from your web site was an easy and painless process. It's not the first time I've used your company but your profesionalizm and great selection of quality products keeps me coming back. Thanks a ton.
1006/28/2006ProtegeInstallation went very easy due to the adjustable grommet. The brakes now feel very consistent no matter what the conditions. The quality of the product seems first class.
804/27/2006MRSThe fit was good, their was a little issue with reusing the stock clips to hold it tightly in place. Brake feel is much better than stock. Install was easy, just a pain bleeding brakes.
902/11/2006SupraThe stainless lines do not expand, under hard braking, as the stock lines do. This translates to an improved "feel" of the pedal. Quality of the product is high. The transparent coating over the stainless braid should prevent corrosion & increase life. The install was easy and fit was trouble free, with one exception. The hanger brackets, on the rear of my car, were too small for the new lines. An air grinder solved that issue. I installed the lines with Poterfield pads. This combination improves braking with stock rotors.

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