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Tein HT Coilovers

TEIN's experience in Tarmac racing has led to the development of HT dampers for Gymkhana and Auto-X competitions. The damping force curves and spring rates have been chosen for optimal grip on tight courses. Separate compression and rebound adjustment (16 x 16) enable fine tuning to match any driver to various course layouts. HT is intended for those seeking quick and crisp response on all types of surface conditions.

    Additional Features:
  • Steel and Aluminum Construction
  • Mono Tube internal construction
  • Inverted design for strut type front and rear
  • Ride Height adjustable via threaded body and spring seats
  • 16 x 16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound separately adjustable
  • Anodized finish
  • 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty
  • Available for Overhaul

All Acura Tein HT Coilovers
View All Acura Integra Coilovers
Acura IntegraMSRPPrice
(1997-2001) Type R * Special Order (Spring Rate 1231 lbs/in Front, 392 lbs/in Rear) EDFC NA$1,980.00$1,769.64  Add to Cart
Type R- 22k Front/7k Rear$1,980.00$1,769.64  Add to Cart
All Honda Tein HT Coilovers
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Honda CivicMSRPPrice
(1996-2000) 20k Front/8k Rear$2,020.00$1,805.40  Add to Cart
All Mazda Tein HT Coilovers
View All Mazda RX-7 Coilovers
Mazda RX-7MSRPPrice
(1993-1995) * Special Order (Spring Rate 1007 lbs/in Front, 1007 lbs/in Rear) EDFC NA$2,390.00$2,136.09  Add to Cart
18k Front/18k Rear$2,390.00$2,136.09  Add to Cart
All Mitsubishi Tein HT Coilovers
View All Mitsubishi EVO Coilovers
Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(1996-2000) 14k Front/12k Rear$2,350.00$2,100.34  Add to Cart
(2003-2007) 16k Front/12k Rear$2,530.00$2,261.21  Add to Cart
View All Mitsubishi Lancer Coilovers
Mitsubishi LancerMSRPPrice
(1998-2000) * Special Order (Spring Rate 783 lbs/in Front, 559 lbs/in Rear) EDFC NA$2,350.00$2,100.34  Add to Cart
(2001 and up) * Special Order (Spring Rate 895 lbs/in Front, 671 lbs/in Rear) EDFC NA$2,530.00$2,261.21  Add to Cart
View All Mitsubishi Mirage Coilovers
Mitsubishi MirageMSRPPrice
(1997-2001) 12k Front/5k Rear$2,350.00$2,100.34  Add to Cart
All Subaru Tein HT Coilovers
View All Subaru Impreza Coilovers
Subaru ImprezaMSRPPrice
(1993-2001) * Special Order (Spring Rate 559 lbs/in Front, 448 lbs/in Rear) EDFC NA$3,250.00$2,904.72  Add to Cart
10k Front/8k Rear w/Pillow Ball Upper Mounts$3,250.00$2,904.72  Add to Cart
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