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Tein Super Drift Coilovers

With Tein supporting competition D1 drivers and vehicles over the years, they have had enough hands on experience to develop their Super Drift Coilovers. These coilovers were developed with the experienced drifter specifically in mind. Every aspect of the Super Drift Coilovers has been designed to aid in car control and aid in starting the initial drift.

  • Steel Construction
  • Twin Tube internal construction
  • Ride Height adjustable via threaded body and spring seats
  • 16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound combined
  • Special damping force curves to improve drift control
  • Pillow ball upper mounts for increased steering feel
  • Upper camber adjustment on front for strut type vehicles
  • Larger piston diameter for strut type front and rear (22mm)
  • EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) compatible
  • Anodized brackets with Teflon coated shock body for heavy duty rust prevention

All Mazda Tein Super Drift Coilovers
View All Mazda RX-7 Coilovers
Mazda RX-7MSRPPrice
(1993-1995) 14k Front/14k Rear (5)$1,770.00$1,641.14  Add to Cart
All Nissan Tein Super Drift Coilovers
View All Nissan 240SX Coilovers
Nissan 240SXMSRPPrice
(1989-1994) 10k Front/8k Rear (5)$1,790.00$1,659.69  Add to Cart
(1995-1998) 10k Front/8k Rear (5)$1,790.00$1,659.69  Add to Cart
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906/30/2011240SXproduct performed great, perfect fitment every thing was perfect

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Parts Available: GSM32-DUSS1, GSN20-DUSS1, GSN66-D1SS1