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Tein EDFC Motor Kit Suspension Electronics Zoom Tein

Tein EDFC Motor Kit Suspension Electronics

These Tein EDFC Motors attach to the adjustment knobs on your compatible Tein coilovers and allow you to adjust the damping rate from inside of your vehicle. This is especially useful for those who require different rates for a variety of driving. For example, the softest possible setting for your neighborhood streets that are poorly maintained. Maybe a slightly stiffer setting for the freeway which is mostly smooth. Then, if you track the vehicle have a full race setting that you wouldn't dare use on the street.

  • Sealed rubber motor cover for improved protection
  • Decreased stepping motor size for use on more applications
  • Complete harness with female/ male connectors
  • Extended wiring harness for ease of installation

  • Includes:
  • 4x Stepping Motors

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Tein EDFC Motor Kit Suspension Electronics Reviews
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904/16/2013The motor works exactly as it states, adjusting thru up to 32 different settings on the front and rear coilovers. Installing the fronts were very simple, the rears had to expose more panels and a bit tricky with the wiring but overall simple enough anyone could do. Amazing customer service to help with the install and finding the right parts. Soft settings for bumpy roads and stiff for hugging the curves with the touch of a button. Love it!

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