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TiTek Carbon Fiber Cooling Plates

TiTek carbon fiber cooling plates are designed to direct air towards the top of the radiators to aid in maintaining lower water temperatures. They are made with very high quality and are surfaced with a nice shiny clear coat to reduce fading from heat. Installation is a breeze, depending on application 5-10 minutes.

All Honda TiTek Carbon Fiber Cooling Plates
View All Honda S2000 Cooling Plates
Honda S2000MSRPPrice
(2000-2008) Cooling Plates$180.00$160.20  Add to Cart
All Mitsubishi TiTek Carbon Fiber Cooling Plates
View All Mitsubishi EVO Cooling Plates
Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(2003-2007) Cooling Plates$165.00$146.85  Add to Cart
(2008 and up) Cooling Plates$369.00$342.75  Add to Cart
All Nissan TiTek Carbon Fiber Cooling Plates
View All Nissan 350Z Cooling Plates
Nissan 350ZMSRPPrice
(2003-2005) Cooling Plates$135.00$120.15  Add to Cart
All Subaru TiTek Carbon Fiber Cooling Plates
View All Subaru Impreza Cooling Plates
Subaru ImprezaMSRPPrice
(2002-2007) Cooling Plates$155.00$143.97  Add to Cart
View All Subaru STi Cooling Plates
Subaru STiMSRPPrice
(2002-2007) Cooling Plates$155.00$143.97  Add to Cart
View All Subaru WRX Cooling Plates
Subaru WRXMSRPPrice
(2002-2007) Cooling Plates$155.00$143.97  Add to Cart
All Toyota TiTek Carbon Fiber Cooling Plates
View All Toyota Supra Cooling Plates
Toyota SupraMSRPPrice
(1993-1998) Cooling Plates$195.00$173.55  Add to Cart
TiTek Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate Reviews
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705/14/2012SupraI bought Titek's plate over APR's due to comments re. fitting posted underneath the latter. However mine didn't line up flawless either and I had to elbow-grease it i.e. relocate the horn underneath the plate, grind off a screw from the frame and not using the hood-stick clip As this left a sizeable hole where the horn originally was to be, I contacted Titek to see if they would sell me a small pieces of the same C-F to cover it. The response was very defensive: If the piece didn't fit I could return it to HPF; also the car could have been in an accident warping the frame ... I told him that i got it to fit and it actually looked good, but that the existing hole negated the plate's function in funnelling the airstream from IC to radiator. When the Rep. learned that it was a Supra he made the smart remark that I could just turn the boost up to get more airstream! Attitudes like that will get you sued in my line of work. Bottom line: I'm telling my MKIV friends to try APR's as it is less expensive and will need the same "greasing"; Also the customer still decides who they want to support and at what after-sales service.
1004/24/2010STiperfect :)

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