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The stock head gasket on the 7M motor is very prone to failing at low mileage on stock and modified motors. It is highly recommended to upgrade to a Multi Layer Steel headgasket to greatly reduce the chance of failure on stock motors and those running high boost. Even if you are running the stock head gasket and it is not leaking, we still recommend upgrading to a MLS Head Gasket for the peace of mind and to extend the longevity of the motor. Developed by Supra owners for Supra owners, this gasket, installed with ARP Head Bolts or Studs, will greatly minimize the chances of ever having to replace the head gasket again. Installed on a high performance 7M, this unit will easily handle up to 500hp on a properly tuned motor. If planning on exceeding 600hp, we highly recommend the HKS Stopper Head gasket.

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(1986-1992) 3 layer (bead style), 1.4mm$150.00$135.76  Add to Cart
3 layer (bead style), 2.0mm$225.00$185.77  Add to Cart
Titan Motorsports Head Gasket Reviews
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907/07/2009Suprathe gasket is great and is holding up flawlessly. i had to cut off one of the tabs to get the head to fit right but other then that it was perfect.
1012/05/2007SupraI have had this headgasket on my 89 Supra turbo for about 4 months up to 15psi with no problems. There were no rivets that had to be removed, so installation was easy. Great product!
1007/30/2007SupraSo far 17 psi on a SupraSport 525 hp capable BOSS turbo and no leaking. I melted a piston o my last engine at 22 psi with this turbo when my FPR failed and still no blown headgasket with the thiner Titan.
1006/19/2007Supraexcellent gasket and cheap price. ive always used tms gaskets on my supras and not once had a problem.
901/30/2007Suprastill holding strong.
812/10/2006Suprahad to remove one of the rivets, but other than that its working flawlessly... I greatly recomend it ,as long as you have the head machined and posibly be better off machining the block but in my case I didn't and is holding well with ARP studs.... thanks horsepower freaks for all the assistance during my shopping experience.
903/12/2006SupraProduct fit well except two rivits that had to be removed. Its been on for about 3 months and still seals fine.
908/21/2005SupraGreat product have over 4000miles on this HG and it's still holding up under severe driving. Had concerns with a rivet being on the head surface but it still sealed fine.
1008/04/2005SupraInstalled over four months ago and I must say that I'm impressed that this Metal Head Gasket performed beyond expectations. Fit just as well as an OE head gasket in conjunction with the namebrand head studs it's bulletproof.
807/13/2004SupraIt might be a little early for me to judge this gasket. I've only had it installed for approx. 3 months. So far though it has taken a beating without incident. My only complaint is that I had to remove a rivet on the front passenger side corner IIRC to make it fit right. It was thicker than the gasket and I was concerned that it would reduce the clamping force on the gasket. The other rivets were located such that they would not be clamped between the head and the block so I left them alone.
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Parts Available: 7M HG 1.4mm, 7M HG 2.0mm