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Toda Billet B-Series VTEC Cams

TODA Racing has been producing billet VTEC camshafts since 1994, longer than any other manufacturer. Years of experience with B16A and B18C engines have allowed TODA Racing to produce the best performing and most proven DOHC VTEC camshafts available.

Opening Valve Rate Improved: By improving the opening valve rate via the smooth acceleration and the smoothing of the transition from closed to open the period of time that the valve is open for is greatly improved. So by using the principals of quick but smooth actions more air can be drawn through the engine.

Non-symmetrical: The cam profile of both the opening and closing phases of the valve lift are not symmetrical, as the closing phase is designed to be long and slow, so reducing the impact of the valve when it returns to the seat. Making the valve return quietly to the seat reduces friction, improves reliability and at the same time reduces valve train noise.

Material quality: Toda Racing does not only pursue improvements in power output (via, mechanical design) but they also pursue material quality, in particular the relationship between the contact face of the cam, rocker arms and cam followers, so helping to reduce friction further. Research is conducted into the thermal process on the surface of the cam. All this data forms the basis for the production of many prototypes where bench tests are carried out alongside actual racing. With everything done in house there is no room for compromise and so you can only benefit from their constant search for improved performance.

All TODA Racing camshafts must be tuned using TODA adjustable campulleys to attain maximum performance. Valve lash for all cams is 0.2mm cold. Spec B & C camshafts require TODA valve springs. Some aftermarket campulleys use connecting bolts that are not compatible with TODA camshafts. The use of these bolts could damage the TODA camshafts. If you plan to use TODA camshafts, we only recommend using TODA campulleys to prevent damage to the camshafts. A high-strenght timing belt such as the Toda Racing High Power Timing Belt is highly recommended for use with Spec B/C cams.

Spec A cams are an excellent all-around street cam offering stock idle characteristics along with moderate gains in power throughout the powerband over ITR camshafts. For Spec A camshafts, the following Honda/Acura valve components maybe used up to 8400rpm on both the intake and exhaust side.
VALVE SPRINGS-Inner :14751-P73-J01 x 16
VALVE SPRINGS-Outer: 14761-P73-J01 x 16
RETAINER: 14765-P30-000 x 16
With Spec A camshafts if engine will be operating beyond 8400rpm, TODA valve spring kit must be used.

Spec B cams work very well on higher-flowing engines, but good gains can be had when combined with basic bolt-ons as well. The primary lobes on these cams are much larger than factory Honda VTEC cams, so midrange power gains can be very impressive. Toda dual valvesprings are required for use with these cams, and Ti retainers are recommended as well due to the extended rpm range needed for optimal power output.

Spec C cams have a lot of potential, but require a built engine for optimal power output. These are not a simple bolt-on item! Extensive modifications are necessary. Using Spec C camshafts on engines with milled cylinder heads, thin head gaskets, or non TODA Racing high compression pistons may cause valve-to-piston clearance issues. For maximum performance, Spec C camshafts must be used with TODA high compression pistons and upgraded fuel injection system. At least 11.5:1 compression is recommended, as is some sort of programmable engine management such as the AEM EMS or Hondata systems. These are huge cams that combine the midrange power of the Spec B's with top end power that can extend beyond 9000+ rpm if the rest of the engine can keep up!

Toda's cam specs are taken at 0mm of lift, and listed as Primary lobe 1 duration (lift in mm), VTEC lobe duration (lift in mm), Primary lobe 2 duration (lift in mm).

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