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Stock bearings are made for stock applications, but today's Imports are stretching the abilities of stock components and demanding much more.

Toga HP Bearings are meeting those demands and extending the life of today's performance Import motors.

*Most Toga HP Series Mains sets are full grooved to maximize oil flow to the rod bearing. Both rods & mains have a high crush for max retention and reduced overlay thickness to prevent
*fatigue. Rod bearings use hardened steel backs for added strength.
*Toga HP bearings should be used wherever high RPM's (above 6000), nitrous, superchargers, turbochargers or any application where above normal HP & RPM's are made.
*All motors benefit from these HP bearings. These bearings will give longer life to any engine by increasing oil to the pins & eliminating oil starvation.
*All bearings are Tri-metal cast copper lead with copper lead lining to withstand engine loads, along with electroplating babbitted overlay providing optimum service. All bearings are stamped with a red HP.
*All bearings are available in Standard, 10 over and 20 over.
*You can mix the main and rod sizes.
*All bearings hand inspected and stamped.
*All bearings weight in each set within .0001 grams.

Bearings come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. (Does not include racing motors. Warranty non-transferable)
Sizes: All bearings available in STD, 10, 20 over. You can mix the mains and rods sizes.

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(1989-1994) (89-92.5) 4G63 6 BOLT (20 over)$65.25  Add to Cart
4G37 (20 over)$65.25  Add to Cart
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(1989-1992) 4G63 (20 over) T/non T$65.25  Add to Cart
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(1991-1992) 4G61 (20 over)$65.25  Add to Cart
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(1995-1998) GA16DE (10 over)$70.00  Add to Cart
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(1995-2000) GA16DE (10 under)$70.00  Add to Cart
Toga Main Bearing Reviews
  (9.2 of 10) 5 Reviews    Write Review
1010/30/2009MR2(ES) Sabemos que es una marca perfecta, son muy buenos y lo tengo puesto en mi motor. 100% recomendado (EN) We know that is a perfect mark, they are very good and I have it position in my engine. 100% it recommended
1010/29/2009SupraPart was exactly as expected, quality was amazing! Fit perfectly and the motor runs like a dream!
1001/29/20083000GTgot here quick, and packing was excellent, but i should have ordered .25 over. ooopps. oh well, i will just hold onto the standard size in case i come across a standard crank.
906/10/2004IntegraI machined the block and crank holders to get better bearing crush. Perfect tolerances. Works like a charm.

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