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This functional hood scoop comes with everything you need to install it. You will of course have to cut a hole in your hood. This item is OE (Original Equipment) in Europe. It helps cool the #3 & #4 cylinders which are known to overheat during spirited driving, especially on road courses.

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1006/08/2004SupraI got this thing in mail in a few days ...typical HPF fashion. Once I got it, I brought it straight to a painter and the labor for the scoop and a RMM lip to get painted was only $100. The install wasn't hard, it just took guts. The first drill into the hood is quite nerve-racking, but once the mental aspect has blown over, it's a breeze to install for anyone that has mediocre talent with a grinder. Now that it's installed, I get compliments on it all the time. When I mention getting an aftermarket hood most people tell me to just leave the one I have on because it looks GREAT!

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