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Transdapt Single Oil Filter Relocation Kits

Make oil filter changes quicker and easier! Relocate your oil filter to a more accessible location in your engine compartment.

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Universal Transdapt Oil Filter Relocation Kits
V8 (see application chart to verify your application)$92.04$64.78  Add to Cart
All Nissan Transdapt Single Oil Filter Relocation Kits
View All Nissan 240SX Oil Filter Relocation Kits
Nissan 240SXMSRPPrice
(1995-1998) 2.4L$92.04$64.78  Add to Cart
All Toyota Transdapt Single Oil Filter Relocation Kits
View All Toyota Supra Oil Filter Relocation Kits
Toyota SupraMSRPPrice
(1981-1985) 5/6M$92.04$64.78  Add to Cart
(1986-1992) 7M$92.04$80.75  Add to Cart
Transdapt Single Oil Filter Relocation Kit Reviews
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306/22/2013I bought the 1213 dual filter relocation kit by Tran Dapt. Took three attempts to correct all the issues I came across. First the hoses are terrible. Second the fittings are worse. 2 of the 4 fittings were not crimped properly and yes they leaked. They are a two piece fitting that are crimped together with a tool or press, terrible design. I tracked down 4 new single piece fittings at Lowes of all places. I replaced the lines with 400lb P.S. hose from car quest. I discovered that even if the fittings werent leaking the line would have been cut by the very sharp barbs were the line is clamped to the fitting. In the end I spent about $200.00 getting this kit to work, Very disappointed in the quality. I am a licensed tech and would not recommend this kit for the average car owner to install.
1003/15/2010Supragreat fittment looks good fast shipping only one problem hoses where 1/2 way to big,for my oiling system, hade to buy brass fitting and 3/8 hoses wich cost as much as the kit(about $60) as far as evevrything else, beautiful.
311/04/2009SupraArrived pretty quickly, which was good. Quality of the lines could have been better and they could have been alot longer sandwich plate that attaches to the block, leaks LOTS of oil even when we used a better o ring, have since removed it as we cannot get it to seal properly.
802/18/2008SupraThe 7m oil filter relocation kit was just what i needed but the hoses were a lil bit to short! But stil worked out great
509/03/2004The product itself is fine but is to "Generalised" in it's purpose. Not all GM V8 cars have the same motors or oil pan locations. This was ordered to move oil filter location on a 1998 Trans Am. Given the low ride height of these cars the tubing included does not allow for location to the engine compartment where depth and ground clearence would not be an issue. If this was installed in a location where the hoses would reach it would be on the bottom of the car and very susceptable to being ripped off by speed bumps or any high road points. Unless I get 90 degree elboe joints so lines won't kink and have longer hoses made to allow for location into the engine compartment, this kit will not work for oil filter relocation on my 1998 Trans Am. It would be nice also to see a more high performance version of this kit which includes braided hoses to protect more from abrasion and heat as the hoses can run close to the exhaust headers. Again, the kit itself seems alright but is not really a good solution "As is" for oil filter relocation on late model Camaro's and Trans Am's.

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Parts Available: 1120, 1113, 1113 (MKII), 1113