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TurboSmart Big Bubba Blow Off Valves


Turbosmart might be famous for fitting a lot of performance into small packages, but that doesn't mean they don't appreciate the fact that sometimes bigger is, indeed, better. This is exactly the premise behind the Big Bubba range.

Big Bubba is, as it's name suggests - big, bold, and in-your-face. It is by far the largest valve in the Turbosmart range. But it's not all about size and looks - Big Bubba packs a lot of punch too! With a heavy duty, CNC billet aluminum body and components, and a 2.05" (52mm) hard anodized aluminum two-piece piston, Big Bubba gives a new meaning to the term "hardcore". A -4AN threaded vacuum port offers a wide variety of connection methods. Outlet fitting size: 2.0" (50mm). To make things easy, Turbosmart has ensured that all Big Bubba valves use the same inlet flange and V-Band clamp as the Turbosmart Race Port - All in a package that weight only 1.7lbs (790g)!


Big Bubba has been designed for big horsepower, high performance and high boost turbo and supercharger applications. If you're looking for an inconspicuous valve for your small capacity, low boost daily driver - you'll need to look elsewhere!

All the owners of big and small block Chevs and Fords, drag rotaries, straight sixes and big turbo diesels looking for a better response from your turbo or supercharger - The Big Bubba is for you! The Big Bubba BPV allows for a performance air filter to be added to its outlet, making it ideal for sand, dirt, and off-road applications.

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