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TurboSmart 45 Degree Elbow Intercooler Hoses

TurboSmart Silicone hoses are stronger, tougher and more flexible than ordinary rubber hoses. These 45 Degree Silicone Hoses will allow you to route whatever plumbing you have as efficiently as possible. Each hose is manufactured of high grade silicone to offer the very best in temperature resistance. All of these features make TurboSmart the ideal choice for pretty much any application you can think of.

All Turbosmart Silicon Hose is burst rated between 100psi(4") to 300psi(1") and temperature resistant from -60 F(-50 C) to 340 F (170 C) constant temperature.

Universal TurboSmart Intercooler Hoses
.75" - Black$14.00$13.00  Add to Cart
0.75"/ 19mm$14.00$13.00  Add to Cart
1.00" - Black$17.00$15.79  Add to Cart
1.00"/ 25mm$17.00$15.79  Add to Cart
1.25" - Black$19.75$18.34  Add to Cart
1.25"/ 32mm$19.75$18.34  Add to Cart
1.50" - Black$22.75$21.13  Add to Cart
1.50"/ 38mm$22.75$21.13  Add to Cart
1.75" - Black$25.25$23.45  Add to Cart
1.75"/ 45mm$25.25$23.45  Add to Cart
2.00" - Black$28.50$26.46  Add to Cart
2.00"/ 50mm$28.50$26.46  Add to Cart
2.25" - Black$31.50$29.25  Add to Cart
2.25"/ 57mm$31.50$29.25  Add to Cart
2.50" - Black$34.00$31.57  Add to Cart
2.50"/ 63mm$34.00$31.57  Add to Cart
2.75" - Black$37.75$35.05  Add to Cart
2.75"/ 70mm$37.75$35.05  Add to Cart
3.00" - Black$40.75$37.84  Add to Cart
3.00"/ 76mm$40.75$37.84  Add to Cart
3.50" - Black$56.50$52.46  Add to Cart
3.50"/ 89mm$56.50$52.46  Add to Cart
4.00" - Black$64.00$59.43  Add to Cart
4.00"/ 102mm$64.00$59.43  Add to Cart
REDUCER - 2.0"-2.5" - Black$41.06$38.12  Add to Cart
REDUCER - 2.0"-2.5" - Blue$41.06$38.12  Add to Cart
REDUCER - 2.25-2.50" - Black$32.64$30.31  Add to Cart
REDUCER - 2.25-2.50" - Blue$32.64$30.31  Add to Cart
REDUCER - 2.5"-3.0" - Black$48.20$44.75  Add to Cart
REDUCER - 2.5"-3.0" - Black$48.20$44.75  Add to Cart
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