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TurboSmart 90 Degree Elbow Intercooler Hoses

Do you need some 90 Degree Silicone Hosing to route your intercooler piping? TurboSmart has just what you need with their Silicone Hoses. Each hose is manufactured from high grade silicone and made to withstand the most extreme of temperatures.

All Turbosmart Silicon Hose is burst rated between 100psi(4") to 300psi(1") and temperature resistant from -60 F(-50 C) to 340 F (170 C) constant temperature.

Universal TurboSmart Intercooler Hoses
1.00" - Black$17.00$15.79  Add to Cart
1.00"/ 25mm$17.00$15.79  Add to Cart
1.25" - Black$19.75$18.34  Add to Cart
1.25"/ 32mm$19.75$18.34  Add to Cart
1.50" - Black$22.75$21.13  Add to Cart
1.50"/ 38mm$22.75$21.13  Add to Cart
1.75" - Black$25.25$23.45  Add to Cart
1.75"/ 45mm$25.25$23.45  Add to Cart
2.00" - Black$28.50$26.46  Add to Cart
2.00"/ 50mm$28.50$26.46  Add to Cart
2.25" - Black$31.50$29.25  Add to Cart
2.25"/ 57mm$31.50$29.25  Add to Cart
2.50" - Black$41.50$38.54  Add to Cart
2.50"/ 63mm$41.50$38.54  Add to Cart
2.75" - Black$54.50$50.61  Add to Cart
2.75"/ 70mm$54.50$50.61  Add to Cart
3.00" - Black$59.00$54.79  Add to Cart
3.00"/ 76mm$59.00$54.79  Add to Cart
3.50" - Black$63.25$58.73  Add to Cart
3.50"/ 89mm$63.25$58.73  Add to Cart
4.00" - Black$72.25$67.09  Add to Cart
4.00"/ 102mm$72.25$67.09  Add to Cart
TurboSmart 90 Degree Elbow Intercooler Hose Reviews
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1004/10/2013Feels very sturdy. It is exactly what I needed. Running 10psi no problem at all.

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