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Turbonetics Y2K Series Turbos Only

TheY2K turbocharger was specifically created to answer the need for a turbo to be used in pairs capable of supporting 2000HP applications. Turbonetics is continuously evolving its product line to ensure maximum performance. With the introduction of the Y2K 2002 series turbo, we have utilized a newly redesigned compressor wheel, featuring the latest in aerodynamic design to increase airflow efficiency. To match the performance of the compressor wheel, we have equally improved the turbine wheel design to reduce the flow of backpressure. Y2K 2002 series turbo also features a durable heavy- duty commercial bearing configuration in a lightweight frame making the Y2K 2002 series turbo a dedicated turbocharger designed to efficiently provide the airflow requirements for an hones 1000HP plus per turbocharger. Custom built to Turbonetics' exacting standards, the Y2K 2002 series turbo includes a fully developed ASME inlet and rigorous VSR balancing. Durable and efficient, the Y2K 2002 series turbo is destined to become a classic. A/R avalable are 1.0, 1.15, and 1.32.

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T80 - 0.96 A/R - Ball Bearing - Undivided Turbine Housing$3,193.22  Add to Cart
T80 - 1.15 A/R - Ball Bearing - Undivided Turbine Housing$3,193.00  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 10860, T80-115UD