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Turner Motorsports Adjustable End Links

Our renowned TMS adjustable front sway bar / swaybar links for BMWs are now available in custom lengths, making them easy to order for any aftermarket or custom suspension setups. Simply measure for your ideal link length, and order the links with the best length range (below). Each sway bar link has a 10mm diameter mounting pin/stud, which is the typical factory/stock size for a universal fitment. These are sold by the pair, and each set includes two matching sway bar end links.

These end links offer the quiet operation and long life of "stock" BMW end links, but with the strength and adjustability of rod-end style sway bar links. These sway bar links can be used on a wide variety of BMWs and aftermarket BMW suspensions. When measuring, please consider that the length ranges of our Custom Adjustable end links are measured from the center to center on the end link mounting stud / pin, as shown in our diagram.

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BMW M3Price
(1995-1999) E46 (Front) For use with Turner Swaybars$155.99  Add to Cart
For use with KW Coilovers (pair) 221mm-236mm$155.99  Add to Cart
(2001-2006) E46 (Front) - Set$155.00  Add to Cart
E46 (Front) - Single$99.95  Add to Cart
E46 (Rear) For use with Turner Swaybars$99.95  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: TSU9912AF1, TSU9912AF1, TSU4612AF3, TSU4612A46, 25826