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Honda Unichip Engine Management Piggyback

The Unichip is a computer and harness with factory connectors that electronically resides between your car's ECU and engine in an arrangement known as "piggybacking" because it does not replace the factory computer, enabling 100 percent of an engine's untapped power. Sold worldwide for more than a decade, the Unichip is a tested and proven engine performance product used on the street, racetrack, and in off-road applications.

Unichip Plug n Play Facts:

-No permanent host vehicle physical or electronic modifications with no footprint for warranty concerns.
-Simple installation (15-45 minutes depending on application)
-5 fully integrated user selectable map sets, each with timing, fuel, and boost curves.
-Over 73,000 individual data points.
-Closed-loop boost, EGT, and water temperature control.
-Control additional fuel injectors, water injection, and nitrous.
-Tunable at an authorized retailer.

System Components: A Unichip installation consists of a Unichip computer module, a Plug-n-Play (PnP) wiring harness, and a performance map dyno-tuned for a specific vehicle & its components. The Unichip is a solid-state computer measuring the size and weight of a MP3 player, using multiple high-speed processors to control engine tuning & performance.

Most applications are available with PDA and software for wireless tuning via bluetooth
Click here to view applications available with PDA


(1) Special Order Kit - allow 3 days for production
(3) For early SC kits without the 7th injector; requires 305cc injectors and 170 L/hr+ fuel pump
(4) Not for 1997 trucks with manual transmissions (2-row ECU connectors)

All Honda Unichip Engine Management Piggyback
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(1999) V6, 3.0L w/Distributor$778.33$581.93  Add to Cart
V6, 3.0L w/Distributor, Comptech Supercharger, Notes: 1$813.33$608.10  Add to Cart
V6, 3.0L w/Distributor, ZEX Dry NO2, Notes: 1$813.33$608.10  Add to Cart
(2000-2002) 3.0L; Direct Ignition, Comptech Supercharger, Notes: 1$813.33$608.10  Add to Cart
3.0L; Direct Ignition, ZEX Dry NO2, Notes: 1$813.33$608.10  Add to Cart
3.0L; Direct Ignition; Zex NO2 Wet$813.33$608.10  Add to Cart
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(2002-2004) Si$744.44$556.59  Add to Cart
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All Unichip Engine Management Piggyback
Unichip Engine Management Piggyback Reviews
  (9.3 of 10) 6 Reviews    Write Review
1005/03/2007tCperfect install was 20 min and once i turned it on i could notice a diferance but i have not got it tuned yet for my turbo. AA+++
1003/16/2007FX45I would like to offer my thanks to Mr Kevin Bates ..the Unichip its take 15 Minutes to installation and its powerful and perfect after dyno tuning its 32 whp with k&N filter and custom Exhaust .
1012/28/2006Protegethe best upgrade ive done so far,the difference in power could be felt even with the boost controller turned off,its plugNplay but the unit can be reprogramed for higher boost,hands down the best piggy back out there!
1009/04/2006Protegeteh part was here rushed delivery as asked and has given every bit of power i was looking for. thank you very much!!!!!
1010/15/2005ProtegeThis product made all the difference in the world with my car. The car pulls like a all motor car. The power is all the way across the power band, and the throttle response is immediate. It made the car more driveable, and faster. Performance wise I love it. Driveability I love it. The mazdaspeed protege should have come with this computer stock.
610/12/2005TitanI have owned the product for 4 months now with no CEL/SES lights. Runs fine on all grades of gas. Product fits well and is easy to install. I used the stock tuning setting from Unichip and saw about 5-7RWHP gain. I have since purchased CAI and exhaust so I will now need to find and pay for shop to tune it. Hopefully I'll get more gains after tuning and all mods. Also I'm at sea level in Houston and it's getting cooler down here right now so there maybe hope for more power. I give it a 6 because of the pains of finding a local tuner, paying the tuner and the price I paid $735 for 5-7RWHP on a stock Nissan Titan truck. I wish they had software that allowed the owner to tune and more tuners with ability to tune. Currently it only adjust fuel, timing. It does not allow for tire size changes, rev-limiter delete or tranny shift points.

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