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Unorthodox Ultra T Cam Gears

Unorthodox Racing Ultra Series adjustable cam gears are the pinnacles of adjustable cam gear technology. No flashy designs here... just pure reliable performance! Unorthodox Racing Ultra T cam gears set a new standard for craftsmanship and reliability. Each Ultra T gear is CNC-machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum billets and is adjustable +/- 10 (advance/retard). These Ultra T gears, as with all Unorthodox Racing gears, are accurate to within 1 minute of a degree (60 minutes in a degree)! Other aftermarket cam gears can be off by as much as 1 or 2 degrees!

Contouring is extensively used to minimize material weight. In addition they utilize circular lightening holes as opposed to slotted or oddly shaped holes. Circular holes provide material strength while achieving the desired weight reduction. Ultra Series gears are lighter than the OEM pieces, even lighter than Unorthodox Racing Tuner Series gears! Machining tolerances are held to within .001". The outer cog on Unorthodox Racing gears is hard anodized, preventing wear from the timing belt. They also utilize a 5-bolt locking pattern with stainless steel hardware. Combine this with exceptional tolerances between the center and the outer cog and you have a gear that will provide a lifetime of worry-free adjustment and reliability.

Tooth profiles are extremely important when machining a gear. Long-term reliability of the cog and belt are directly related to the machining of the tooth profile. Unorthodox Racing tooth profile matches exactly with the OEM specifications for each gear they make.

Horsepower gains can vary widely depending on what has been done to the vehicle. Gains from 5 to 20 horsepower can be realized. In Unorthodox Racing instructions they have recommended settings for your specific vehicle. For best results on highly modified vehicles they recommend a trip down to your local dyno shop. Unorthodox Racing Ultra Series gears are available for SOHC and DOHC engines. Most gears are available in natural polished aluminum as well as black, red, and blue anodizing.

Unorthodox Racing has been manufacturing aluminum pulleys for over 8 years. Unorthodox Racing Ultra Series lightened aluminum crank pulleys are available in a number of versions: 1) standard belt layout with underdrive (Ultra S), 2) Unorthodox Racing new 12-Volt Charger Series with no underdrive (Sc), 3) single-belt crank pulley conversion (Ultra R), 4) and Unorthodox Racing new 12-Volt Charger Series, single-belt conversion with no underdrive (Rc). Ultra Series crank pulleys are CNC-machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum billets. Premium U.S. made 6061-T6 aluminum billets ensures the consistency of the material's strength and balance. Tolerances are held to within .001, and numerous machining steps are used to ensure the lightest possible design. In addition to fit, finish is just as important and each piece is representative of this. Every pulley is inspected multiple times from machining to anodizing to stocking and finally at shipping time. If at any point a pulley does not pass inspection it is pulled from production.

Unorthodox Racing aluminum crank pulleys on average can provide gains of 5 to 14 HP and 4 to 12 lbs.-ft. on normally aspirated engines and 8 to 18 HP and 8 to 14 lbs.-ft. on forced induction engines. Higher gains are possible. For example, a Nissan 300ZX twin-turbo saw gains as high as 37 HP and 45 lbs-ft. on the dyno just by replacing the stock crank pulley with Unorthodox Racing Ultra S series lightened underdrive crank pulley.

Power gains are obtained through weight loss on all Unorthodox Racing pulleys. An average of 2.7 HP is gained from every pound lost off the crankshaft. 85% of Unorthodox Racing gains are from weight loss. In Unorthodox Racing Ultra S models, they introduce under-driving for additional power gains.

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Unorthodox Ultra T Cam Gear Reviews
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810/28/2007SupraGreat quality materials, clear instruction provided. Unfortunatly, I had it redial few weeks after instalation and disappointed to see the paint has gone on some of the markings.
1006/09/2004SupraProduct not installed yet, but it is of utmost quality.

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