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Unorthodox Ultra SSc 2 Piece Crank PS Pulleys

Unorthodox Racing Ultra Street Charger series of lightened aluminum pulleys turns the world of underdriving upside down. Ultra Sc crank pulleys are available in a stock diameter or overdrive/underdrive configuration, depending on the application. They are also available in Ultra SSc pulley sets which include the accessories found in Unorthodox Racing standard SS kits. Ultra Rc crank pulleys are a single belt design, only driving the alternator and supercharger (when equipped). No other accessories are driven by this pulley. This makes for an extremely light piece that will provide you with even higher power gains than Unorthodox Racing Ultra Sc crank pulleys.

Ultra Charger pulleys are CNC-machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum billet. Numerous machining steps are used to ensure they are the lightest possible design, even with their larger diameter. It is the reduced rotational mass that still provides excellent ower gains without underdriving.

For the Acura/Honda applications Unorthodox Racing Ultra Sc and SSc pulleys are both an underdrive AND overdrive! Aftermarket supercharger kits (such as the Jackson Racing systems) are driven off the alternator section of the Acura/Honda crank pulley. Unorthodox Racing charger series pulleys act as an overdrive pulley in these applications, providing an increase in boost. Typical boost increases are 2 to 3 psi over a stock supercharger kit for the Acura Integra and Honda Civic Si. It is highly recommended that a high flow fuel pump and a boost dependant ignition system with retard control is installed in these applications.

For the Nissan and VW applications, Unorthodox Racing Ultra Sc and SSc pulleys are stock diameter units. This is done so there is no increase in boost levels, yet power gains are still seen because of the reduced rotational mass. Subaru applications benefit from a slight overdrive, designed to work with many of the aftermarket supercharger kits available for these vehicles. Boost increases of up to 1 psi can be seen in these applications.

  • Ultra Sc, SSc, & Rc Charger Series Pulleys
  • (For use in supercharged vehicles or where underdriving of the alternator is not wanted)

  • Lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • CNC machined to .001"
  • Real HP & torque gains across entire RPM range
  • Used in applications where superchargers and/or high-power stereo systems are installed
  • Better than OEM belt fitment & alignment
  • Boost increases in certain applications
  • High quality polished finish

Ultra Charger series pulleys are available in a natural polished aluminum finish.

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