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The VAC M20 Turbo Camshaft is designed to direct fit all M20 "I" cylinder Heads (or "eta" heads that have been modified with VAC's service), These BMW turbo cams enable the turbocharger to spool up faster and can even hold boost higher in the RPM range; you will achieve greater torque and HP with a wider, more usable power band; leading to a faster vehicle. In some cases, you may even make more power with less boost if you so chose, great for the daily driver or tracked M20 that needs to focus on maximum reliability, not just raw power. Like all VAC cams, these are ground from 100% new blanks and never re-grinds.

Mild Grind: compatible with all OEM "i" head valve train components, excellent for street or track use. Very kind to the valve train and reliable in stock motors. Awesome for bolt on turbo kits.
Aggressive Grind: Great for the drag racer, or street hot rod. Monster power is within your reach, and by popular demand, these work with factory valvetrains (upgraded VAC springs a good idea for a higher mileage engines). Drop these in to a built motor and blow away the competition.

There are racers around the world with these VAC cams making incredible power from the smaller BMW inline 6. Mated to VAC's engine internals there are several daily drivers that run in the 11 second quarter mile range on street tires and pump gas with VAC's mild grind!

VAC Tech Tips:
  • Installation with VAC Adjustable Cam Gear will aid in optimum performance and tuning.
  • As with any camshaft, they should be installed with fresh rocker arms for best results.

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