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VAC's S54 Supercharger Cam Set is made to exacting specifications, perfectly designed, and providing you with drop-in gains for your supercharged BMW... So are you looking for more performance than your Supercharger kit already provides? You have found it!

Designed to offer the same benefits as our consistently popular S52 S/C cam set, we have met all criteria including: Exemplary reliability, smooth idle, and a wide power band. This makes our cams a great upgrade for both the street or the tracked BMW. Allowing more airflow into the combustion chamber, while not allowing excess boost out is the goal. We have selected ideal profiles that allow this to occur without ruining scavenging for a wider powerband.

  • 272/280 durations for smooth idle characteristics and supercharger specific power gains
  • Compatibility with OE valve springs, retainers & followers
  • Drop in installation and compatibility with factory VANOS system
  • HP gains with popular systems from Active, ESS, VF and more*

VAC's Tech Notes :
  • *Due to air flow improvements and increased power potential, an ECU retune may be required with some systems. Please contact your Supercharger system supplier or ECU tuner for information.
  • High performance valve springs kits are not required but can be recommended for additional protection if your car sees regular track use.
  • We can offer custom retunes for most popular S/C systems to increase performance and drivability, please inquire.
  • As with all camshafts, new finger followers are required. Schick followers recommended for track / sustained high RPM use.

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(2001-2006) E46 S54 - Supercharger Camshaft Set$1,799.95  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: VAC-CSS-S54-SC