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A suitable upgrade for all S54 & S50B32 Oil Pumps, this oil pump service starts with an OEM housing (either supplied by you, or as a core from VAC) that is expertly modified to provide higher volume and improved reliability over stock:

As you know, lubrication is critical to all high performance engines, especially the high specific output S54 & S50. The S54 especially, with its narrow rod bearings is sensitive to oil starvation and bearing failure. Assuring that your engine will not fault due to a poor lubrication is crucial during all operation conditions.

This pump features two important upgrades:
1) This pump is engineered with our famous Oil Pump Upgrade kit integrated in it's design; this means a stronger gear drive mechanism for much lower likelihood of pump failures on the track.
2) We have not only improved the physical reliability of the pump itself, but also fit a custom gear with a larger sweep area to the pump mechanism, increasing volume by a welcome 22%

An excellent upgrade for those who race or have a modified / Forced induction engines: this is the best OE style oil pump available anywhere for the S54 & S50B32. Lubrication issues are a common killer of BMW engines. The dual-pickup pump is much better than standard single pickup but this pump is a dramatic improvement over both.

Important Notes On this Service:
  • A good used or new oil pump is required for this conversion service.
  • Add a new core pump from the check box above or speak to us to schedule your good used pump to be shipped in for conversion.

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(2001-2006) S54 / S50B32 Oil Pump$499.95  Add to Cart
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