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Our exceptional coated bearings are also thermal breakdown resistant, helping to prevent engine failure from excessive friction under duress. These will last much longer than any normal bearing set. If you are looking for the best high performance rod bearings these are the ones to get.

We know BMW didn't get the Rod Bearings quite right on the S54 and these are a drastic improvement. Not just for racing, makes a great replacement for the BMW main bearing recall on the S54 engine and from 100% stock to wild engine builds.

  • Fits all S54B32 engines, like those found in M Coupe/ roadster and E46 M3

VAC tech tips:
  • This is a known weak area of ALL BMW S54 engines. The BMW recall is more of a "bandage" then an actual solution to the problem.
  • Also, the rod bearing recall was not extended by BMW to the S54 E36/7 M coupe/roadster models. Make sure you address this oversight!
  • As with all bearings, please check your tolerances and size before installation. Due to the specialize tools needed, professional install recommended.
  • There are no returns available on any engine bearings.

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Parts Available: VAC-HPRBS-M50-A, VAC-HPRBS-S54