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VAC Motorsports Valve Springs And Retainers

VAC's renowned Spring Kits feature a custom dual spring capable of turning 12,000 RPM for that added piece of mind (Over-rev/Mis-shift). These springs are shot-peened for stress relief and interference fit to control harmonic resonance across the rev range. Also in the dual spring configuration, should something happen to one spring, the other prevents the valve from dropping and causing catastrophic damage. VAC springs are also capable of handling much higher lift to handle even the most aggressive of cams. These springs have been compatible with every camshaft VAC has ever installed.

The steel retainers offer lightweight, hardened steel alloy construction. This hardening process makes them strong and resilient while still being lighter than OEM, so if you are daily driving or tracking, they are a great choice. For the all out track engine, VAC Titanium Retains offer the lightest choice with all out performance in mind.

S54 Springs and Retainers Kit:
The S54 springs have been compatible with every camshaft VAC has ever installed, even the most aggressive Schricks for the S54 After rigorous testing in their many testbed engines, over 4+ years, they have maintained rates within 2% of spec!

  • 24 VAC High Performance Dual Valve Springs
  • 24 VAC Titanium or Steel Alloy Valve Retainers
  • Needed Shims
  • Made in the USA to the highest standard

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(2002-2006) E46 (S54) High Performance Kit (Titanium Retainers)$1,049.95  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: VAC-HPVSK-S54