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Dodge VIS Carbon Fiber - OEM Hoods

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Made with 100% ISO Certified Grade A carbon fiber, ViS hoods are a true display of craftsmanship. These lightweight hoods will add unrivaled flare to your vehicle. Some CF hoods appear dry... Not these hoods. Each hood is coated with an ultra clear UV protective polyurethane to give them an extremely high gloss finish. Lightweight, high-grade materials, and excellent aesthetics... What more could you ask for?

Key Features
  • 100% ISO Certified Grade A Carbon Fiber
  • Ultra clear UV protective polyurethane coating
  • Smooth 1-piece underside to optimize structural integrity

ViS Carbon Fiber Hoods are made from the finest carbon fiber material available. All ViS Carbon Fiber Hoods and Trunks are manufactured using a two-part construction design: the top layer is a 100 percent ISO certified Grade A carbon fiber material with an ultra clear UV protective polyurethane coating to ensure a high gloss finish. To be show-ready, ViS pioneered the use of one piece smooth underside to optimize structural integrity. The result is a carbon product that excels above all others in quality and performance. All ViS Carbon Fiber Hoods and Trunks come with a ViS Authenticity badge. Please be sure to look for the badge when purchasing. Due to the unknown nature of the intended uses of these products, hood pins are required where applicable. Intended for off-road use only.

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All Dodge VIS Carbon Fiber - OEM Hoods
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All VIS Carbon Fiber - OEM Hoods
VIS Carbon Fiber - OEM Hood Reviews
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903/10/2013CorradoExcellent quality....HPF was great to deal with for the ourchase of this hood.
1007/08/2011CivicBest fitting hood i have ever bought!!! Weave looks perfect too!!
907/10/2007240SXhad to bend hinges to make it fit, other then that its a great product!!!
712/17/2006Civic Del SolThe hood didn't fit quite as well as I had hoped, but you get what you pay for. I will most likely shell out the extra money for a higher quality hood when I get a CF hood for me Evo.
912/07/2006AccordThe hood is absolutely beautiful! Thank you VIS! Installation took my friend and I no more than 10 minutes, aligning it with the body took about another 10 minutes, and i had to shave down the window cleaner squirters so they would fit in the predrilled holes, and i had to lower the hood latch. All in all took about 30 minutes. Weight difference is definately noticeable. Everyone thats seen it says it looks great too. AWESOME PRODUCT A+++
1009/17/2006PreludeGreat product, thanks HPF. The server is nothing but top notch. Will def buy from again!

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