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Venom Super Flow Fuel Injectors

Python high performance OE re-manufactured injectors have a 10 percent higher flow rate than your stock injectors, so they boost horsepower without creating an overly rich fuel mixture. As a result, they enhance overall performance while maintaining an optimal idle condition.

Each injector must pass through a series of extensive tests once the re-manufacturing process is complete. Every injector is inspected for the following:
1. All worn, bent, pitted or otherwise damaged PINTILS are replaced.
2. All pitted and or worn pintal seats are discarded.
3. The "O" rings are replaced.
4. All replacement coils are wound and coated to exceed OEM specifications.
5. All filter baskets are replaced.
6. The electrical connector is molded with enlarged locating ribs to improve harness fit.
7. All injectors must pass through five vigorous testing.

Sold as set of injectors needed for application.

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Toyota CelicaPrice
(1990-1993) 2.0L 3SGTE Turbo$255.72  Out of Stock
(1995-1998) 2.2L 5SFE, Exc CA.$255.72  Out of Stock
Venom Super Flow Fuel Injector Reviews
  (8.7 of 10) 18 Reviews    Write Review
901/09/20114RunnerThe injectors were a good fit for my 97 4 runner. I get a little worse gas mileage now but that's to be expected. I also bought a high flow fuel pump also.
905/26/2010Civicgood product easyly installed with little gain over stock
910/01/2008S10They installed the same as OEM ones. They restored power lost from the worn ones and they are worth every penny.
912/24/2007SupraExcellent product!
1003/28/2007ProbeThis product is absolutly perfect for my car. It gave my the performance it need to win.
812/18/2006CivicGood product! Just needed to do some work so the car would not run rich. Other thant that it's fine.
1005/30/2006Civici am a retard like all these other people posting reviews because i expected to gain horsepower by changing my injectors. this just shows how little i know about how engines actually work and is why i drive a silly honda.
801/19/2006EclipseThese are great injectors for a non-turbo block. They were a bit pricey, but did the job. I would definately recommend these injectors for anyone wanting to replace a jacked stock injector.
911/03/2005AccordThe injectors were a very easy instal especialy with the aem fuel rail i got from here too. took me an hour tops. However i had to let the ecu remap the air/fuel. I def noticed better pick-up and smoother acceleration. Infact, even those these injectors were higher flowing i actually saw an increase in mpg. The car runs better and the injectors were above what i expected. Looks o so good under my hood.
901/04/2005AccordGreat injectors, the only downside is that the o-rings are very weak.
18 Reviews

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