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Toyota Venom High Flow Fuel Pumps

The electronic fuel pump is central to the fuel management system. It must deliver precisely pressurized fuel in exacting quantities at each and every level of performance. Innovative race technology allows the pump to run cooler, further enhancing performance.

All Toyota Venom High Flow Fuel Pumps
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Toyota 4RunnerPrice
(1988-1997) ALL (4/6 Cyl)$179.95  Out of Stock
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(1988-1991) 4/6 Cyl$179.95  Out of Stock
(1992-1998) 4/6 Cyl$179.95  Out of Stock
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(1988-1989) 2.0L 3SFE (4 Cyl)$179.95  Out of Stock
2.0L 3SGELC (4 Cyl)$179.95  Out of Stock
(1988-1993) 2.0L 3SGTE Turbo, 1.8L 4AFE (4 Cyl)$179.95  Out of Stock
(1990-1993) 2.2L 5SFE (4 Cyl)$179.95  Out of Stock
(1994-1997) ALL (4 Cyl)$179.95  Out of Stock
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(1988-1995) ALL (4 Cyl) - 245LPH$179.95  Out of Stock
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(1996-1997) 4 Cyl$179.95  Out of Stock
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(1986-1992) 6 Cyl$179.95  Out of Stock
(1993-1998) 6 Cyl$179.95  Out of Stock
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All Venom High Flow Fuel Pumps
Venom High Flow Fuel Pump Reviews
  (7.8 of 10) 5 Reviews    Write Review
601/09/20114RunnerHad some issues with the install because of the difference in the size and the way the pump hooks up. But I got it to work on my 97 4 runner. Delivery was good and the guys were helpful.
812/15/2007CelicaI put this in as a preparatory step for my 3sgte engine swap that should be coming soon. I didn't notice any power gain from it but it did smooth out the torque curve a little. I had to remove the rear seat cover to install this as with many other top loading pumps but I kept mine off as part of my weight reduction and the pump is pretty loud, especially compared to the factory one. It's got a high pitch whine that is comparable to turbo spool up. its not noticable at highway speeds and personally i like it. I had to install the pump bracket in two pieces because this pump is so much bigger than the factory pump. It didn't fit in the bracket so i set it in the bottom rest and double zip tied it to the bracket post and it worked fine. Awesome product!
910/18/2006PreludeProduct performs without a problem asn as expected. Not rating a 10 because nothing's perfect!! Great product. Use with Venom injectors and fuel pressure regulator.
811/09/2005RAV4Part works great!!!
805/07/2005CelicaInstallation was very hard due to size difference from old pump. I had to angle it in with extra hose. Over all the car ran smooth, but didn't see too much power gain. It would good to also look into buying a fuel rail, performance fuel injectors, and performance fuel regulator. May experience major horsepower gain.

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