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Vortech V-3 System Supercharger Kits

All Vortech street supercharger systems are designed to work with stock engines and all emissions equipment. If more performance is desired, upgrades to the injectors, heads, cams, intake manifolds, computers, mass air flow sensors, etc. can be built into the engine.

NOTE: Vortech supercharger systems are designed for 100% stock vehicles. Any modifications other than the supercharger may require the additional purchase of larger fuel injectors, a larger fuel pump, custom computer tuning, auxiliary ignition system with boost timing retard, and potentially, internal engine modifications. Vortech can assist you with general guidelines but they do not recommend brands, or specific combinations.

    Kit Features
  • Fuel system upgrade includes high-flow replacement fuel injectors with plug-and-play connectors
  • Air inlet assembly includes a high flow K&N conical filter and roto-molded air box with Vortech logo
  • Anodized, dual plate, billet aluminum supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes all hardware
  • Supercharger drive assembly includes crank pulley (6.00"), replacement crank damper, idler/belt tensioner, drive belt, and all hardware
  • Includes ECU 're-flash voucher'. ECU will be sent by installer to Hondata for re-flash. Shipping box and pre-paid tag are included in the kit box. Hondata will send it back to customer directly via pre-paid Fed-Ex

  • Charge air cooler assembly includes:
    • Welded charge cooler core assembly with aluminum Vortech Race compressor bypass valve, silicone sleeves and stainless steel clamps
    • Charge cooler water storage tank with hoses, clamps and plumbing
    • Compact water circulation pump for closed loop cooling
    • Large capacity dual-pass water cooler

    V-3 SCi-Trim Supercharger Features
  • This design allows for supercharger installation and operation without oil lines
  • Impeller speed potential efficiency slightly higher than S-Trim
  • Physical dimensions equal to S-Trim
  • Low-friction impeller seal allows for "upstream" throttle draw-through applications
  • Helical gear design with 3.6:1 step-up
  • The V-3 supercharger can be installed into any existing Vortech V-1, V-2, V-4 or V-7 bracketry
  • Includes remote fluid drain hose (attached to supercharger) that allows for simple fluid changes without removing the supercharger from the vehicle
  • A ventilated gear case assembly eliminates any potential internal pressure issues that are currently associated with non-vented competitive designs
  • Integrated gear case baffling for proper oil control
  • Simple oil slinger design does not require separate shaft or bearing set. This provides proper fluid delivery to gears and bearings
  • Superchargers are factory pre-filled with our special synthetic fluid.
  • Integrated dipstick for simple fluid checks
    • Performance Specifications (w/Standard Gearcase)
    • Max Impeller Speed- 53,000 RPM
    • Max Pressure- 17 PSIG
    • Max Flow- 1050 CFM
    • Max Horsepower- 725

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(2006-2008) SRT8- Si-Trim, Charge Cooled, Polished$6,638.95$6,062.00  Add to Cart
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(2009 and up) 5.7L M/T- Polished$6,638.95$6,062.00  Add to Cart
5.7L M/T- Satin$6,399.95$5,844.00  Add to Cart
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(1996-1998) GT 4.6L 2V - Satin - No Aftercooler (Tuner Kit) $3,152.95  Add to Cart
(1998) GT 4.6L 2V - Satin - $3,863.95  Add to Cart
GT 4.6L 2V - Satin - No Aftercooler (Full Kit) $3,863.95  Add to Cart
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Honda S2000MSRPPrice
(2000-2003) Polished$6,258.95$5,715.00  Add to Cart
Satin$5,957.95$5,440.00  Add to Cart
(2005) Polished$6,258.95$5,715.00  Add to Cart
(2006-2007) Polished$6,250.95$5,708.00  Add to Cart
Satin$5,960.95$5,443.00  Add to Cart
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Infiniti G35MSRPPrice
(2003-2006) SC-Trim w/ Charge cooler - Polished (Self Lubricant)$6,379.95$5,825.00  Add to Cart
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Nissan 350ZMSRPPrice
(2005-2006) Polished$6,379.95$5,825.00  Add to Cart
Satin$5,945.95$5,429.00  Add to Cart
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(2013 and up) Satin - Full Kit $5,687.95  Add to Cart
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