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Walbro 400LPH Fuel Pumps

Pump Design
The new 39/50 DCSS pump has been designed around the proven 39mm armature ("motor") that has been used for many years, Coupled with the proven armature are two sets of turbine blades set in paralled on a single impeller shaft. This design allow fuel to pass through two high pressure pumping channels delivering fuel in a manner to work with the high pressure demand of today's direct injection system.

Technical Pump Specifications
  • Overall pump lehgth: 121mm
  • main Housing Dia.: 39mm
  • Lower Housing Dia.: 50mm
  • Fuel inlet Dia.: 11mm OD
  • Fuel Outlet Dia.: 11mm OD
  • Flow rate: 400LPH @ 40PSI
  • Test Voltage: 13.5 Volts

Proven Design
  • A design use in multiple OEM application for years.
  • Built to stringent OEM standards.
  • Desing around the proven 39mm arnature used for many years.
  • Quiet running while achieving substantial fuel flow in comparison to other single stage turbine pumps on market today.
  • Ability to function with a greater range on conventinoal powertrains present in today's automotive performance market place.
  • Proven to work in the Pulse Width Modulation and Voltage cvarting system present in today's automotive performance market place.

Hot Fuel Handling
Hot fuel testing results show the proven design of the 39/50 DCSS, the pump performed exceptionally well in comparsion to other single stage turbine design pumps on the market today. When tested at a temperature of 153F other single stage pumps on the market showed losses of 12% to 32% in fuel pressure and flow in comparsion to the 39/50 DCSS which only showed a 5% reduction in fuel pressure and flow.

Universal Walbro Fuel Pumps
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Install Kit for 400LPH High Performance Fuel Pump$25.00  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: WAL-F90000262, WAL-400-0001