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Camber is the inclination of the wheel from the vertical when viewed from the front. When the top of the wheel leans out you have positive camber, lean in equal s negative camber.

Static negative camber is used to compensate for body roll, body distortion and tire roll under when cornering. Stiffer bodies and tire sidewalls are in and unnecessary suspension compliance is out. Therefore the previous requirements for large amounts of static negative camber are disappearing. Whiteline strut braces are good for maintaining camber angles under cornering loads as they further minimize body flex.

Its important to highlight the fact that camber settings are ultimately a personal thing. That is, We can provide an indicative range to start from but the final number will depend on your driving style, average driving conditions, tire size and many other things. You need to start with a relevant number, then monitor tire wear and compensate if necessary.

We have a variety of Whiteline camber adjusting products available to achieve the optimum settings


Typically used when discussing wheel alignment and geometry, this is referring to the difference in alignment angles between a stationary and a moving vehicle. That is, the same vehicle will typically have different caster, camber and toe readings when it is moving compared to when the alignment was done in static form in the workshop.

In an ideal world, all wheel alignments would be done on a dynamic wheel aligner but these are expensive and quite rare. This concept is very important, as the only suspension angles that really matter are those present while the vehicle is moving (dynamic). What is done to the vehicle s alignment while the vehicle is stationary, (static) is a process of trying to predict the levels of change while the vehicle is moving and setting the angles according to these predictions.

Whiteline puts a great deal of emphasis on the dynamic geometry so rigorous road testing is essential to ensure that the predictions are valid.

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