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The High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon lighting systems emits light by using "Arc Discharging" technology, which is similar to the thunder-lightening phenomenon. Unlike typical halogen or incandescent bulbs operating at 3200K or less, HID releases a steady, bright light at 5000K or more which closely resembles natural daylight.

HID projects a wider and longer beam for safer driving at night. HID's brilliant blue-white light is virtually identical to daylight, which helps to reduce eye strain and minimize fatigue for nigh driving. The system offers 3 times the brightness of conventional halogen lights while requiring 30% less power and lasting 10 times longer.

This HID is a premium quality system with HID Xenon Bulbs, Universal Mounts, Ballasts and Wiring Harness. Simple "Plug & Play" installation takes less than 30 minutes with Xetronic's step by step instructions. This system can be retrofitted to replace high/low beam or fog lights on any domestic or foreign car, motorcycle, truck and SUV.

4300K=Factory HID color
6000K=Aqua Blue color
8000K=Deep Blue color
10000K=Violet Purple color

Universal Xetronic HID Kits
10000K - H4 - Violet$999.00$350.00  Add to Cart
6000K - H13 $420.00  Add to Cart
6000K - H13$999.00$350.00  Add to Cart
8000K- H4$999.00$350.00  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 10000K H4, 6000K H13 HI-LOW, 6000K H13, 8000K H4