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hpf Feramic - Supra MK4 Non-Turbo Clutch Disks

This is now the highest horsepower holding single disk clutch available for the MK4 "Non-Turbo 5 speed" Supra. This single disk clutch will hold up to 700rwhp with ease has never been fused and has superior longevity.

The material used to make this clutch is very expensive. It is also very hard to get. It has the highest heat resistance of any other clutch material made today with a coefficient of 0.7. This coefficient also doesn't change with temperature as many clutches do until after 900 degrees. It has a melting point of 1600 degrees.

We'll provide more feedback from our customers currently running this clutch shortly. This clutch is for Supra's that drag race and have between 500 and 700rwhp. Please only use with a stock flywheel.

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(1993-1998) Non-Turbo Feramic Sprung$470.00  Out of Stock
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