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hpf Bronze - Supra MK3 Turbo Clutch Kits

This kit comes with the brand new HPF clutch and your choice of the ACT Heavy Duty Pressure plate or RPS "MAX" Series pressure plate.

This is a brand new clutch compound that is capable of withstanding very high pressures with no chatter. It is incredibly slippable, and engages very close to stock. Shifting gears is like cutting melted butter. It will hold up to 650rwhp.

Choose the RPS Max Pressure plate for the ultimate in power handling, or ACT HD for less pedal effort and slightly less power handling. Both Pressure plates will support in excess of 600rwhp.

We were quite amazed with this clutch after doing several 7,500rpm launches with no break-in whatsoever. The clutch not only survived this, but 15 full passes with no slippage, and no chatter even right after a full pass.

Please install unsprung disk with pointed center facing rear. Install sprung disk with spring side facing rear

REBUILDABLE: $125 to have new pucks installed on your old HPF Disc. (Takes 2 weeks once it arrives back to us)

Click here for the break-in procedure for this clutch.

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Toyota SupraMSRPPrice
(1986-1992) 5 spd (Sprung Disk) / ACT$978.57$750.72  Out of Stock
5 spd (Sprung Disk) / RPS$1,117.47$1,072.03  Out of Stock
5 spd (Unsprung Disk) / ACT$978.57$750.72  Out of Stock
5 spd (Unsprung Disk) / RPS$1,117.47$1,072.03  Out of Stock
hpf Bronze - Supra MK3 Turbo Clutch Kit Reviews
  (9.5 of 10) 11 Reviews    Write Review
1004/18/2012SupraOrdered this for my MK3 Supra and was very happy with the customer service that I got from the staff. And the install was a breeze. Car is almost complete so cant wait to try it out but I think it will be a good solid pedal feel.
1003/10/2008SupraExcellent customer service with this part (Kevin, I believe it was). It works exactly as expected -- harsh in comparison to stock (especially when other people try it who are used to OEM clutch disks), but very manageable even on the street. I've been driving it for half a year now and even learned how to drive stick for the very first time with this! It has survived and feels very good! Can't wait to try launching it at the track!
906/14/2007SupraI installed this clutch with the ACT HD pressure plate on my 420+ hp 1JZ Supra. It is the perfect clutch in my opinion. Its rated to hold 600 whp, it engages close to stock with a slightly stiffer pedal effort, it doesnt chatter, is very slippable and it shifts smooth as butter like HPF advertises. I have done many 1/4 miles runs without any slippage or issues whatsoever. I would highly reccomend this clutch for up to 550-600 whp, you will not be dissapointed.
1010/19/2005SupraClutch install was a piece of cake. No fitment issues whatsoever. I've never driven a new 6 puck clutch before so initial break-in was a little more intense than I expected. After I put some miles on the clutch, I couldn't be happier. Very smooth engagement for it's power capabilities (which I hope to test soon). There is a little bit of chatter when engaged at low rpms but it's not bad at all (it's hardly worth mentioning). I'd recommend this clutch kit to anyone, even if you dont plan to ever have as much power as it will hold. Another excellent product by horsepowerfreaks!
710/02/2005SupraI required a clutch to handle 400 RWHP. (during dyno tuning of S-AFCII, stock clutch started slipping @ 391.6 RWHP)I decided on the HPF clutc kit. Installation was done by a local shop. No issues in installation was reported. The clutch has performed, so far, as expected (500 miles on clutch) with little increase in pedal pressure over stock. My only complaint is chatter during engaging the clutch. If clutch release is done at or above 1500 RPM, as instructed, chatter is not an issue. However, for street use, this is not always practical (IE stop and go traffic, down town seattle with steep inclined streets, pulling into your garage, etc.) The chatter is something to be expected with a clutch of this design. I was hopeful that it would be to a lesser degree than experienced.
1008/30/2005SupraTotally streetwise, soft, smooth gear changes with an extremely powerful clutch. No problem holding my 458 ft-lbs, even with powerful ΒΌ mile starts! Definately recommendable. Again a big thanks to Joe Schesso for his advice.
1006/21/2005SupraExcellent clutch, hold strong yet smooth engagement. no problems at all, straight forward install. great!
1005/18/2005SupraJust love the bronze kit. no fitment issues together with my fidanza flywheel. Allsow the engine revs quicker and the clutch pedal is like the stock one! Cant go wrong with this one.
906/09/2004SupraVery nice, only have 400 miles on the clutch. Engages and disengages smooth, and easy yet with hard clamping force. Excellent product.
1006/08/2004SupraExcellent clutch! Very streetable, smooth engagement, good pedal effort, holds strong. Haven't even encountered even a hiccup with this setup at over 400 ft-lbs torque (at the wheels).
11 Reviews

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