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hpf E39 M5 Feramic Stage 1 Clutch Kits

Want the best daily driveable, slippable high horsepower holding clutch for your E39 M5? You've come to the right place. Our stage 1 clutches run our proven feramic material that not only allows you to drive your car every day without getting a sore leg, but also allow you to take it to the track and lay down some serious numbers.

Our stage 1 E39 M5 clutch kit includes the following:
- HPF High performance pressure plate
- HPF Feramic full face clutch disk
- New throwout bearing

We recommend only running a factory flywheel with this clutch.

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(2000-2003) Full Face (300-700rwhp)$1,300.00$1,233.03  Out of Stock
hpf E39 M5 Feramic Stage 1 Clutch Kit Reviews
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801/18/2009M5I only can't give it a 9 or 10 because it's only been around 4,000 miles on this Feramic Stg 1 clutch. My car is a twin supercharged Active Autoworkes E39 M5 making around 600 crank hp. I had a beefed up Sachs unit before and the pedal pressure was easily 3 or 4 times this Feramic unit. The Sachs clutch started to slightly slip in the higher gears after maybe 13,000 miles and became worst to maybe 15,000 when it was replaced. Shifts are very crisp with a little vibration/rattle engaging first gear (which the Sachs unit never had) but nothing to complain about. The stock like pedal feel and the fact that I've done my first few hundred track miles with this is impressive and I have expectations that it will hold up over the long run. BK

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