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hpf E46 M3 Feramic Stage 1 Clutch Kits

We have the answer to all of those seeking to run a high performance clutch in their M3 without having to sacrifice engagement or drive-ability. Want to slowly back up a hill with our clutch without chatter? Not a problem. Want to let your wife drive your M3 to get groceries? Not a problem. Want to race your car at the drag strip? Not a problem. Want to lay down 750rwhp or more to the pavement? Not a problem. We trust this clutch so much that every M3 stage 1 and 2 "non-SMG" turbo kit we install gets paired up with one of these bad boys. These clutches are being used in normally aspirated, supercharged and turbo'd M3s and hold up to the extreme abuse our customers demand of it.

Driveability Video

High Horsepower Testing

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Click HPF Feramic Stage 2 Clutch for information about our stage 2 clutch kit.

Our stage 1 clutch kit includes the following:
- HPF High performance pressure plate
- HPF Feramic full face clutch disk
- New throwout bearing
- Alignment tool

We recommend only running a factory flywheel with this clutch.

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BMW M3Price
(2001-2006) SMG or non SMG (300rwhp to 700rwhp)$995.00  Add to Cart
hpf E46 M3 Feramic Stage 1 Clutch Kit Reviews
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1002/10/2013M3This is an excellent addition. I replaced an oem clutch with very little wear as a compliment to an ESS 550 w/meth and this clutch grabs soooo much better!! There is no chatter and I am loving it. I am going to be adding one to my other car soon. The mechanic gave me a range for install and charged me on low side as he felt it was an easy install. I am very happy. Thanks HPF!!
907/09/2010M3feels just like stock,awesome!
905/25/2010M3Had my HPF stage 1 non-smg feramic clutch installed and it is by far the best aftermarket/performance clutch I have used. Broken in at 1500 miles it really engages hard at high rpms and in my opinion feels identical to stock. Didn't give it a perfect 10 because there IS clutch chatter in up/down hill situations or at very low rpm driving (parking garages, driveways etc.) but nothing like other performance clutches and I'm positive it will go away with more wear. I did plenty of research and this is the only clutch I would trust long term with removing the clutch delay valve. Do this and you'll be needing new tires every 6 months and a thorough revision of your bodily injury insurance coverage for the inevitable whiplash.
1002/19/2009M3first service was great product is great power gain is beyond believable and a lot faster than any supercharged m3 quality excellent keep up the good work.

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