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5 Reviews for (A1 RearToe Kits)

Overall Rating (6.8 of 10)
A1 Rear Toe Kits

A1  A1 Rear Toe Kits  

Overall Rating (6.8 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

1Moises27739Supra"Parts were easy to install but on the same day after getting an alignment took my supra out for a run and the sway bar end link tabs broke off. I have the suspension techniques sway bars on my car. Had a friend weld new heavy duty tabs in and still managed to rip one off. I installed the stock units back."
9Evan19340Supra"Very well built, no complaint with the product whatsoever. Too bad the price was not a bit more competitive."
9HalSP71Supra"Fit very well. these do have to be unattached at one end to adjust but the car does have the oem cam bolts too. strongly built. With no rubber now it is a little more noisy. With a lowered car this fixed my last alignment problem."
7tomSupra"Finish appears to be fair (one coat of black enamel). Will have it powder coated before reinstallation. upper sway bar tab could be beefier. Price is too high compared to expected quality."
8Jesse8926Supra"Excellent build quality -- I would not hesitate to buy other A-1 racing parts!"