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6 Reviews for (A1 RearTraction Arms)

Overall Rating (7.8 of 10)
A1 Rear Traction Arms

A1  A1 Rear Traction Arms  

Overall Rating (7.8 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

9Chris33059Supra"These things are great. Made a hugely noticeable difference in wheel hop and how solid the rear end feels. Gave me way more feel and confidence in what the car was doing when drifting. Id call this a mandatory upgrade."
3ThreeputosSupra"End mounts were not as exoected , but functional. Rods are very squeaky and noisy..would not recommend for the average street car..good for a dedicated the fact that they are fully adjustable.."
9Evan19340Supra"Very well built, no complaint with the product whatsoever. Too bad the price was not a bit more competitive."
9Lee21810Supra"Very good quality and easy to install. Improved traction greatly."
8Chris17897Supra"the arms look good, and fit well. i recived them promptly. i have not used them yet, but will try my hardest to bend them!"