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25 Reviews for (ACT HDG6 - Heavy Duty with Sprung 6 Puck DiscClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
ACT HDG6 - Heavy Duty with Sprung 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kits zoom

ACT  ACT HDG6 - Heavy Duty with Sprung 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 25 Reviews  Write Review

10Israel2384S2000"Great still breaking it in grabs perfect"
9Steve78987Corvette"Very little chatter, but pedal is significantly stiffer than stock. Great upgrade"
9Salvador91701Integra"Clutch works great! Except for alittle chatter here and there. Other wise would have gave a 10. Would recomend for for stock to mild build. Great pedal feal and engagement. A+++ service !"
8John119517Corvette"I have used dozens of ACT clutches and I love them. This clutch is very aggressive. I would NEVER use this for a street car. Its a pain even on our track car. Great once your are moving."
10Saheed38396STi"Great stuff"
9Mike74678240SX"No problems with product or quality. Only negative was a huge pedal pressure increase."
10Kevin10014Eclipse"This clutch locks-up tight if I feather it or side-step it!! I bought the heavy duty motor mounts and I'm glad I did! Its a hole-shot car now... Thanks again to Kirk, he knows what hes talking about and everything is perfect."
10Eustace97678MR2"parts were good just as shown and describe. the services was satisfactory ,knowledgeable, fast and responsive customer service."
10Horst61311Corolla"Great part, no rattling, handles the power without problems"
10Luke63700EVO"This has been a great clutch so far. It feels very close to the stock Evo clutch, a little bit grabby. I haven't noticed any chattering or extra noise. The holding power is much greater than stock, and you can finally do a proper launch without smelling burnt friction material. The real test will be how many miles it lasts."
10Russell57274MR2"Great clutch! Holds the power! It takes a little while to get used to how fast the clutch engages but it's not bad! Best clutch like it I've driven!"
10Adam56058Eclipse"Very happy! Car drives like a dream now."
7Jason51044Skyline"The clutch itself works great. Instalation on the other hand was not as easy as expected. The preasure plate holes did not line up with the flywheel holes so they had to drilled a few times to get everything line up to bolt up properly."
10Leo53319Prelude"NICE!!!! Great Grab, Deffenetly putting more horeses to the floor. I only wish to have gotten the next level up."
8CJ23166Supra"Works great holds my power easy to drive"
8Krzysztof45973Lancer"LOVE the new clutch kit. Huge difference over the stock clutch I had in my Lancer. Now I can bolt on performance mods and not worry about looking for another clutch to handle the power."
9Christopher45628300ZX"Great clutch, took some getting used to on the street. Never slips and is quite driveable after break in. Beware, clutch pedal is heavier than expected. I have no problem, but my girlfriend cannot drive my car anymore. I have no complaints, I would buy this clutch again! Car is currently way under the max ft-lb that the clutch is rated at. Its nice to have the "space" and not worry about cranking up the boost. Evan "
10Kyle43462Starion"Its working great, just like described!"