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9 Reviews for (ACT HDR6 - Heavy Duty with 6 Puck DiscClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10)
ACT HDR6 - Heavy Duty with 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kits zoom

ACT  ACT HDR6 - Heavy Duty with 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10) - 9 Reviews  Write Review

10Joseph40758NX2000"it was easy to install. it only took 6 hours and two people and we got the job done. everything works and runs great, i will come back to order more parts soon..."
9John61990Prelude"smooth yet strong engagement. very happy with its performance on my 11 sec all motor setup."
8Joshua12203Eclipse"It was an eazy install, the only problem was that it was the 6 pluck race disk was to harsh for my Talon TSI, would be an awesome track only set-up."
7Josh9132Miata"seemed to soften up after a 1000 miles. Noisy"
10sunilSupra"rattles alitte but very strong"
5Carole7490300ZX"Great race clutch, Bad For stop and go traffic, Clutch disc chatters on launch from low rpms. Great with launches over 2000 rpm. Grabs quick and strong. Lasted me 3 months with daily/race driving, quality good, I just expected it to last a little longer in daily traffic."
10CLIFF42459Celica"I use it everyday driving on the street and it works perfectly. It is amazing at the track as well."