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21 Reviews for (ACT HDSS - Heavy Duty with Street DiscClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
ACT HDSS - Heavy Duty with Street Disc Clutch Kits zoom

ACT  ACT HDSS - Heavy Duty with Street Disc Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 21 Reviews  Write Review

10Alex33277Prelude"Shifts real clean. A big difference from stock. Real easy in heavy to moderate traffic. Haven't had a chance to take it the track but racing season just opened up."
10Alex33277Prelude"Shifts real clean. A big difference from stock. Real easy in heavy to moderate traffic. Haven't had a chance to take it the track but racing season just opened up."
10David120572300ZX"Exact match and works as advertised. No slipping or chattering and easy to use on a daily driver yet very quick off the line at the stoplight."
10Scott81482300ZX"fantastic - thanks to russ for the help and the follow up . nice to see people that care about the product they are selling !"
10Kenneth36508WRX"It still bites and I've had it for about a year in my 06 WRX the clutch is more stiffer than stock but if i had to buy a new clutch i would buy it again."
10William7405Civic"I replaced this at this same time I changed the flywheel and swapped from the 4 spd to a 5 spd transaxle. Install went fine even for a clutch newbie like me. In combination with the new flywheel it gave a zippy feel to the shifts w/o making it unable to drive normally. I like it."
10Alexander108896Accord"The original clutch I bought was no longer in stock so there customer service helped me find this one instead and gave me a good deal on it because of the mess up ( very helpful). This clutch fit perfect no defects at all came with everything throw out bearing alignment tool and all. Clutch has some serious grab to it and a stiffer pedal but still streetable. Worth every penny!!"
9Jesse46148Civic"i like my new clutch it works great, easy to launch the car."
7paul86260S2000"hard to really rate this as its the first aftermarket clutch ive owned. it does grip a lot better than stock. im still getting used to the shortend stoke of the pedal may hav to b adjusted, pressure plate is pretty much stock but disc is alot chunkier"
10Shawn50314Prelude"This clutch was used on a JDM H22A engine swap in a 94 JDM Honda Accord. It bolted up perfectly with no issues, I followed the recommended break in process. Honestly, it was very difficult personally to hold back from revving hard and popping that clutch until it was properly borken in, but I did and the results are perfect. This clutch holds with no issues, it was coupled with a new fidanza flywheel to ensure a perfectly new surface (recommended if you are not sure of the state of your flywheel) and also the lightened flywheel allows me to rev hard and rev much faster. I highly recommend this clutch!!!"
10Ben64472S2000"I wouldn't know how hard this clutch is to install as i had a shop do it, but it was done in a day and apparently s2000 clutches are a real pain. The pedal feel is flawless and the grip is insane. i love to burn my tires and i drop from 9000 rpm everytime i get in my car. I LOVE this clutch!"
10Thaine56497EVO"Perfect replacement for factory clutch. Recommended by local Mitsubishi mechanics as a great upgrade. Excellent holding power with minimum increase in downforce required to activate. Some 98 lb weaklings might complain it is too much though."
8Ben45051EVO"Great product! Works as advertised, pain to install, but that is all Mitsu clutches. Car loves it! Should have went one step up but this will work well for a while."
8CoryRSX"All in all this clutch wasn't a bad purchase, quite chattery but u'll have that. Engages smooth and quick. Good on street use, also does a decent job for drag. Wouldn't recommend for drag, Would recommend for everyday street driving."
10Noal28650Prelude"flywheel was easy to install and the power gain and acceleration times are hard to believe by adding just one part,with the lighter rev,the sound of the otherwise stock honda became sharply exotic.This product is quality that you see and feel,and installation was simple and clearly described.WORTH EVERY PENNY,THANKS"
8Taylor27507Prelude"Good product. deff. worth the buy. "you pay for what you get" bites so nice. brought a smile to my face :)"
9Barry10915Eclipse"great addition to my car. i love the feel and the throttle response i get from my new clutch. now i can actually put the power i have in my engine to the road. thanks for all ur help there at HORSEPOWERFREAKS, espicially to kirash a great addition to ur staff..barry NYC"
10Andrew26460Civic"The whole kit bolted up perfectly. The clutch pedal effort is increased but drives smoothly. It has tons of grip you will be scratchin all the gears!!"
10David6885Celica"The ACT Street Clutch makes a big difference over the stock clutch... I had to get this install profecionally but it was worth it... You can feel the improment right away!!! ^_^ I'm pleased with my purchase.. ^_^"