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5 Reviews for (ACT XTSS - Xtreme w Street DiscClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
ACT XTSS - Xtreme w Street Disc Clutch Kits zoom

ACT  ACT XTSS - Xtreme w Street Disc Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

9Matt60104RX-7"Great street clutch, and also nice for track days."
9eyeheartjdmIntegra"tremendous bite off the line and still dd capable. noticed more pwer to the wheels because once engaged it does not slip at all. full pulls now are much more fun now that it holds all the power my moter puts down. a definate must if you have race port work done."
10Lakeycha12144Matrix"It was very easy to install. It inproved the proformance of the vehicle and I was very pleased"
9brandonIntegra"this clutch was very easy to install and works good now hopefully it will do as good a job now as it will once i get a turbo on my car no problems with it so far and i got it right away no problems"
8Ryan6174Eclipse"Install was paid for. Power gain was noticed because stock clutch was slipping. Still going, but clutch only has 300 miles with no launches."