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20 Reviews for (ACT Heavy DutyPressure Plates)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
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ACT  ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 20 Reviews  Write Review

9MK35522Supra"Kirk is always a helpful seller with good communication via emails."
10Jake36187Supra"excellent feel to it and no problems yet. any specific questions about it pm me on sf or sm my name is jizake1jz"
9Jeff224263000GT"I'm happy with theis pressure plate so far. In combination with the HPF Bronze disk it holds the power well. The pedal pressure is a little heavy, but not unbearable. I have 3000 miles on this setup now, mostly city every-day driving."
6Andrew18926MR2"This clutch holds the power well, but I would not recomend it for a daily driver. It rocks at the drag strip!~"
10Shannon12014300ZX"Excellent Product."
10Emilio14197Civic"Install was easy and simple. Just remove old plate and install new one. The pedal is a little harder to the foot but grip is amaizing now. No chatter either with my 6 puck clutch. Great product!!"
7Jason14721RX-7"Excellent improvement over stock clutch, positive engagement, firmer pedal."
8Henry146693000GT"Disk holds incredibly well. Never slipped once on numerous 6500rpm launches. I'll be keeping the ACT pressure plate and installing an OEM disk because it was too stiff for a daily driver. For a track clutch it would be excellent."
10Mark15137Supra"Another great ACT product!!!"
10AdamSupra"Unlike other companies that claim to have upped pressure plate clamp force, ACT actually does. There is a marked increase in pedal pressure, no complaints yet."
10Matt189Supra"After using the RPS pressure plate for the last 2 years... I am very pleased with the performance of the pressure plate."
10Leonard675Supra"I love it!"
8Michael1258Corolla"Pretty good."
10Kevin242Supra"This product perfomed how I expected. I am still using it and it is holding well still."