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15 Reviews for (ACT Pro LiteFlywheels)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
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ACT  ACT Pro Lite Flywheels  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 15 Reviews  Write Review

9eyeheartjdmIntegra"great flywheel, has tremendous ammount of bite to it, went on flawlesly and performed great. noticed an increase in usable power especially after vtec and it makes shifte sooo much smother. also picked up another mpg in town. hands down a great product."
8paul86260S2000"definetly more responsive and quiker to pick up revs especialy after 5500rpm. easier to stall though."
10Leo53319Prelude"Great Fit, Light Weight."
10John61990Prelude"superior quality and design over aluminum flywheels! flywheels have been a big problem for me in the past, this flywheel eliminated all of them!"
8Stefan22263WRX"torque is better. great product would buy it again. top stuff!!!!"
10StephanWRX"Great flywheel 20Nm overall gain. Super fast shipping. Thanx"
10Arenn13490Civic"I couldn't be happier with this flywheel my car feels like it has all new gears. I never would have thought that my acceleration would have increased so much. My car now is always fun to drive. I installed it myself and it went flawlessy a beautiful product. Horsepower freaks is #1 in my book will never go anywhere else"
10Chris11909Integra"I purchased this with a Exedy Street/Strip Clutch (Stage 1) for my lightly modded 1999 Honda Civic Si. I had to replace the stock clutch ASAP and I bought this as well. Simply put, this flywheel rocks! The car is very driveable and is even more fun to drive. Acceleration is very improved. Even with just basic bolt-ons, this flywheel did not hamper daily driving whatsoever. If you are looking at a lightweight flywheel, this is the best choice."
9Greg10657Integra"I've had this flywheel in my car for over 4 months now. It has performed better than i have expected, it wasn't a difficult installation, and didn't take very long. Under heavy accelleration you notice how effective it is. The stock flywheel was about 20 pounds, and this being less than half that, the revs fly up much faster. While you can pull through the first couple gears pretty quick, in third and fourth you really notice how much quicker you get up to speed and pull through the gears. It is fine for daily driving, it's not hard to shift into, and you don't even reallyk notice the fast dropping revs too much out of 1st. It's a little annoying going to reverse, but that doesn't bother me. Other than that i'm completely satisfied with this product."
10Maxim8894Impreza"Awesome stuff, The best upgrade for Subaru powertraines btw it will work on ANY 2.5 liter N/A Subaru. This one is used on a motor out of 98 forester."
10garyCivic"i've had this flywheel along with an excedy street clutch installed for about 6 months now and i couldn't be happier. although i have to slip the clutch a little when starting or parking, the small trade-off is way offset by the total increase in acceleration, torque, and downshifting control. i enjoy every minute i drive my civic and am glad that i got the lightest flywheel available for the price. my car feels like a got a whole new set of gears installed except that my gas mileage has remained the same."