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26 Reviews for (ACT Street LiteFlywheels)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
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ACT  ACT Street Lite Flywheels  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 26 Reviews  Write Review

10Shane51790Integra"can tell a little difference in pedal feel, engages faster fun to drive in any level of traffic."
10j2zoEclipse"Exactly as promised"
10j2zoEclipse"Exactly as promised"
8Kenneth36508WRX"I drive a 2006 WRX and with the 5 speed transmission it whines kinda loud in 1st the higher the rpm the louder but i do notice the power difference with each shift. "
9William7405Civic"I replaced this at this same time I changed the clutch and swapped from the 4 spd to a 5 spd transaxle. Install went fine other than I first tried to install the pilot bushing from the wrong side of the flywheel, so perhaps a note could to be added to newbies (such as myself) pointing out that the flywheel has two different sides (should be obvious I suppose, but wasn't to me at first.) In combination with the new clutch it gave a zippy feel to the shifts w/o making it unable to drive normally. I like it."
9Jesse46148Civic"it works great."
9Matthew82072Prelude"This flywheel was kind of an experiment for me, as in the past I have always bought lightweight aluminum flywheels in the 7-9lb range. This particular item is a 12.8lb steel unit, and while it IS more responsive that the factory unit (~17-18lbs according to my scale), it doesn't offer quite the throttle response or acceleration increases I've noted from previous light flywheels. That being said, it IS a well finished product, and fits great, but next time I will be getting a lighter unit."
10justino98290Eclipse"great flywheel bolts up like oem and was lighter than the stock flywheel"
10Victor25853RSX"good product ;)"
9Adam56058Eclipse"Made a lot of difference, love the way the car drives now! Would have given a 10 but ACT mailed me the wrong flywheel and I had to pay an extra 125 on installation :< becuase they had to take the tranny apart twice."
10Kurt40717WRX"Seem like a fine upgrade I was expecting some big difference but I think the stock clutch and flywheel were so heavy and week and now it just feels right"
10Esequiel37818Civic"great flywheel. saw big increase in rev. limit."
9Scott25959RX-7"Well built product, happy to see it is cerified SFI. Would be nice if they provided SFI certificate and put torque specs for bolts though. Did exactly what I wanted it to do, rev a little bit faster without serious daily driving problems."
10Hector26693Prelude"shipping was fast!,and flywheel was perfect!"
9Zeyad21479Prelude"its the best part i ever buy , i think its make my honda vtec rpm much faster i like it , and from shift to other the rpm was back to 4500 or 4800 it mean the vtec not open but now i can feel it its back to 5500 and more , and if i race with my friend and he have the same car and same engine first i can jump befor him and when i use the 3rd shift i can feel that my car go faster i dont believe this and when i use the 4th. shift ...its crazy the rpm faster and faster . i have many v.clip for this crazy rpm. its very great for any one have a VTEC ."
10Shawn89738Prelude"This is a very impressive piece and the price was right too. ACT Rocks!"
10Tavvy8975Integra"Great product, awesome quality, definatley noticed power gain and increased throtle response"
10Jacob55443Eclipse"Easy to install, but saw no improvements in quarter mile times. I am going to have car dyno'd again once the LSD is installed to see how much higher than base of 178.1 it is now."
10JAMES7629Prelude"Part bolted right on and is performing as expected. Thanks for everything!"
10Rick3800Eclipse"my stock clutch started slipping at 67K so i figured i might as well get the clutch and flywheel at same time. With the ACT setup you dont have to worry about stepping the flywheel cause it comes perfect matched up for the Clutch and setup. (I installed an ACT 2600 with this flywheel) I also had a new Pivot ball and Clutch fork installed ( $55) because when the pivotball starts to grind down it looses its height and thus gives you less leverage so its more difficult to disengage the clutch. For the first week or so, the clutch was really strong and hard to push, but once it broke in, i think its fantastic. the flywheel is near to that of stock except on second gear and above it spools down faster so you have to relearn rev-matching. Ive done some fast take offs and theres no smell at all because theres no slippage. granted its not indestructible but it sure is a hellofa improvement. Do NOT drop this clutch unless you are bored and want to buy a new transmission. You may slip her in hard, but do not drop! "
10Dylan5871Eclipse"Good flywheel, I like it. However the SPEC clutch I used with it popped a spring out of the hub within 5k miles and it wasn't even during a race."
9Chris1247Integra"noticed a nice torque and response upgrade, good overall upgrade. kinda wish i got lighter though but a good street flywheel"
8Corey3684Integra"I would rate the product, but my engine blew up before I was able to put it in, and I had to trade it for an ecu. I will buy from your site again, for other parts"