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5 Reviews for (AEM Serial GaugeEMS Displays)

Overall Rating (7.4 of 10)
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AEM  AEM Serial Gauge EMS Displays  

Overall Rating (7.4 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

10Daniel98878"Product worked perfectly fine and just as advertised. Extremely easy installation based on easy to follow directions. This product allowed me to gain all the functionality and awareness of what is going on in the engine bay in an extremely compact package."
4Ben90554"I bought this guage to go with my AEM series 2 computer. The current software (Tuner v2.0) does not fully support the serial guage. The preset guages work fine, but adding additional guages requires manually reprogramming the guage software. AEM says that the serial guage will be fully supported in the next software release. (I don't believe that the Series 1 computers have this problem - but series 1 is obsolete.)"
5Juan87253"The part was installed by Forged Performance in GA, and it is not working properly. It is supossed to read from the AEM but it doesn't and the guys at the shop started uploading it; they shouldn't have to do that because it's plug and play. But like the EGT which should read automatically it doesn't do it. Now I'm waiting to get a response from them after they find out from AEM the issue with the serial gauge."
9Mal24633"Guage performed as advertised. Only difficulty encountered was that i had to update the EMS softwear in order for the guage to work properly."
9HalSP71"You can display any parameter in the AEM ECU with this gauge. It works very well but i had some difficulty getting it turned on at first. AEM has eliminated this problem with the latest software update. You dont have to buy 3 or 4 gauges. Just 2 or 3 of these and have any output you want from the AEM. A great deal."