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29 Reviews for (AEM EMSEngine Management Stand Alone)

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10)
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AEM  AEM EMS Engine Management Stand Alone  

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10) - 29 Reviews  Write Review

9Jason240SX"Excellent product, plug and play. Customer service with AEM is second to none (except for hpf :) ) and warrenty is extensive. Great for either N/A or turbo applications."
8Ryan51807MR2"Literally plug and play if you don't want any extra sensors. I got the AIT and map sensor, so there was additional wiring but nothing too bad. I went from 278hp at 12psi to 352hp at 18psi. Set up once installed was hard, the AEM basemap is completely whacked out and the car had to be towed to the dyno to get tuned. Other than that great product and will be buying again for my next project."
9Morne46942S2000"I'am really impressed on how the Aem Ems performs on my basically stock S2000 - drive, starts ect like a STOCK ecu'd S2000. Shipment was quick and hassle free. Would buy from Branden @ horspower freaks anytime!!!"
10Jack48683180SX"Great engine managment, thanks Brandon."
10Dana37100Civic"I will never use anything other than AEM EMS unless I get a K-series honda. This unit is so easy to install and work with its amazing! Great product, highly recommended!"
10Emily86397Supra"I had the AEM installed/tuned and I am very happy with it. I have a 93 Toyota Supra Single Turbo Auto, and was having a lot of trouble with the car downshifting, and some other issues. After I had the AEM in there, the car downshifted just fine, and several of the other problems I was having went away, plus significant power gains by eliminating MAF. I had Tony Brock from KC tune my car (TT_6SPD_95 on , and he did a great job, if anyone needs a tuner. Car starts almost immediately, which is one thing I hear most tuners can't seem to get right. Driveability is awesome. Emily"
9Edward30821EVO"The AEM EMS is a great product. It's literally plug n' play. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because I'm not fully trained in all it's uses."
8Philip29045EVO"product performing well. other engine issues need to be addressed, then will be able to do a final tuning session."
8Timothy14191"I have been working and working with this EMS but AEM gives NO tech support and wont release some of the information that you need to use the EMS. So unless you know someone with this secret info DO NOT purchase this EMS. Otherwise it has been good once I have got it to work. Thanks"
10Nelson16661180SX"As a shop owner and car builder, having used other engine management systems, this system is awesome. Although this a plug and play unit, I've used some of the extra inputs and outputs for my needs. The quality and support is more than I had expected. It starts with no problems and has 25% more horsepower and torque."
9Jeff3622Supra"I love my EMS, it allowed me to use the factory wiring harness, but still had the ability to add new sensors. The first thing I did was get rid of the AFM, and the car now has much better throttle response and a bit more power. Peak power is up, but the real difference is that the all around driveability is much better. The initial learning curve is steep, but after two weeks I felt pretty confident tuning myself. My only gripe is that the EMS is fairly large and does not fit where the stock ECU does (had to mount it against the plastic heater box instead)"
9Eric12488240SX"Easy to install! Performed great almost like a factory unit!Alittle difficult to tune with limited knowledge!"
10Ryan3000GT"Nothing can touch the ease of AEM the best system out there for real power, hands down the best for plug and play!"
10Brian15654240SX"i got the part real fast, cheaper than anyware else. but i havent used it yet. cause im waiting for engine parts."
10James15717Supra"Works great! Does require end user to be smatter than the average bear to know what to tweek and when to do it. I highly recommend an experienced tuner to do the original set up. The power and versatility that the EMS has is awsome. My knowledge of tuning and perfomance engine mechanics has gotten much better as a result of utilizing this product. To anyone who has been on a dyno and realized that the Japanese band-aids ie. VPC, GCC, etc. will not give them the precision control that they are looking for will be very happy with the AIM EMS."
10Tom15094MR2"Very happy with product. Good service from HP Freaks"
10Nikolay2918Supra"This is by far the best investment I have made in my supra. Even though I have a 1JZ MK3 Supra we made it work and it works great. Its an all in one which makes all boost controllers fuel computers and all that other stuff pretty much useless. The AEM EMS does it all and then some."
10VICTOR LCivic"I have purchased a AEM EMS for my Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 drag project, but still have not installed it. I hope the install and tune go as smooth as the Honda unit. I installed and tuned this EMS for a friend, and having tuned Haltech units before, I can definitely say the AEM EMS is top notch in engine management. Buy all the options, and there is nothing that the AEM can't control or monitor."
9Mike3726Supra"This standalone is easy to install and works as advertised- no suprises so far. Documentation scores a 5 of 10. However, the EMS forum can answer about any question you have. Understanding all of the functions of the EMS is quite difficult. You must have a fulltime wideband O2 gauge on your car to effectively tune with the EMS. I love it. Mike 89 supra turbo"
10John6074Mustang"Awesome product! Installation is simple and the quality of the product is top notch. Power gains are not totally realized, but I made 987 RWHP and still a lot of tuning to go. But this thing is not for the "light hearted." It allows TOTAL control of the engine, and if you are not aware of the skills required to completely run EFI, you can get in over your head. The only suggestion to AEM on this product is to include a total instuction manaul on all functions of the EMS, not just the basic controls. ******* AEM has great online support! *********"
9Andrew5671S2000"This product is VERY advanced and probably has more features on it than I would know how to use but its always good to know they are there if I want to use them in the future & more imoprtantly "at no extra cost". The AEM EMS was easy to fit in the car but the tuning is another story all together!! the only negative I have is that I feel AEM should provide the unit with a MUCH better choice of base MAPs as the one supplied gets the car running but only just. All in all an excellent product sold by a supplier that in my opinion has loads on time for its customers, big thanks to Chris & Sean."
9John585Supra"This is probably the best upgrade I ever did to my car. It allows you to control everything on your vehicle. It has a big learning curve but in the right hands it is awesome. It was pretty easy to install but should be tuned by a professional like torquefreaks."
9Bill29Supra"For the ultimate tunablity and performance out of your car."
10SeanSupra"Having tuned countless engine management systems, it's refreshing to use one that not only works well, but one that exceeds my expectations. The AEM EMS is hands down, the best modification I've made to my Supra and now, after tuning well over a hundred AEM equipped cars, I can say with certainty that this a must have product for anyone who's serious about horsepower."