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1 Reviews for (AEM Series 2 EMSEngine Management Stand Alone)

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AEM  AEM Series 2 EMS Engine Management Stand Alone  

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5Ben90554Prelude"This is an awsome computer. I can control almost any aspect of my car. I can't give it a higher rating because the software (Tuner v2.0) is not complete. There are features of the computer that cannot be used because AEM has not written the code or instructions. For example, Traction control is not supported by the software, but I know it is in there because I can see the guages that control the traction control feature. The software does not yet fully support the serial guage. (AEM said the next release of Tuner will fully support the guage). AEM support was very good. I like the comuter and AEM. I expect that they will continue to upgrade the Tuner software, which will unleash the full power of the Series 2 computer."