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12 Reviews for (AEM High VolumeFuel Pressure Regulators)

Overall Rating (8.3 of 10)
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AEM  AEM High Volume Fuel Pressure Regulators  

Overall Rating (8.3 of 10) - 12 Reviews  Write Review

8T.N.Prelude"fitted easily but i didn't like the lack of colors to choose from. Didn't have blue which i wanted. Does the job with a pressure reg and fuel pump which i also added. As i needed more fuel with the set up in my Prelude."
8jabeeda71550Accord"great prodcut. love the adjustment on this regulator"
8luis14227Prelude"the crush washer they send you sucks, they leak i had to use copper washers"
10Jay"Easy install good instructions..."
5gennaro45953Integra"would not fit , won't clear the aftermaket bbk intake manifold"
10AndyIntegra"Very easy to install. Excellent quality. Very easy to adjust the PSI."
10AnuraKIntegra"The products and the service that is rendered to customers at Horsepower Freaks is outstanding. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends."
7Josh26007S2000"i noticed with the aem fpr, it would not clear the hood line of my car and needed to be remote mounted... other than that it has worked great!"
7Jon16026Prelude"The AEM FPR was easy to install with the AEM fuel rail although instructions need to be more specific for which fuel flow adapter to use for wanted fuel pressure output. The FPR doesn't have any horsepower gains but rather another critical piece to better fuel flow and peace of mind. The bling factor doesn't hurt either."
7Alvaro2788Prelude"Serves its purpose. Visible as soon as you look at the engine. If you going with a certain Color Scheme for your engine, its a good thing. Thats about it."
10Albert945S2000"Swaps easily with stock FPR. Easy to adjust."