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10 Reviews for (AEM Inline UegoWideband Kits)

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10)
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AEM  AEM Inline Uego Wideband Kits  

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10) - 10 Reviews  Write Review

10Torsten3815"The best Wideband-System - we donĀ“t use another anymore..."
9Tim9086"easy install, great performance- I couldn't imagine tuning without it. BUT, I would have preferred the built-in WBO2 in the 30-1052U."
9Randy2401"the part is great works great the only draw back is no gauge but they make one now"
7John6074"The dual wideband is a nice product, but after purchase, I feel that a single wide band would have done the job. The tuning is easy with the use of this product, but getting assistance with AEM on warranty of bad parts is tough. One of the O2's was bad out of the box, and after going through multiple checks in the harness, sensor, and driver, it was determined that the sensor was bad. After contacting AEM through the web and by phone multiple times, they just kept giving me the "run around" and re-checking & re-checking the same thing over and over -- I just gave up and tuned using only 1 side. I was easy to install, simple to tune with, and the single circuit performed flawlessly."
7Milo2335"AEM needs to come out with display for this product. Purchase through HPF was enjoyable as always. You guys are the best, keep up the great job! Milo"
8Mark2441"Would have got a higher rating if there was more quality controle on the units shipped when it first was released. Should be an excellent product now!!!"
10Michael4447"I give this a 10 for the time being. Product is great. Every body tunning, should have one. Why I give it a 10 for the time being is due to the fact that EVERY(EMS, cDi box) other piece of AEM gear had to be returned for problems that came from the factory. Right now the wide band works great. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Later."
7Michel14793"Seemed to work ok. I did not use with the AEM ECU but rather a datalogit. A linear output of 0-5V would have been very helpful. I originally heard the AEM used a linear output which tuned out not to be true. For the money it's quite good however, and very small. A LED on the control box would be helpful to know that the unit is powered and functioning within designed parameters. Fairly easy to install and can use a wide voltage range which is nice. Connectors are top quality as is the whole product. Is not currenlty working, probably due to my own fault."
10Chris2750"This works exactly as expected and I have had no problems with it at all. I would buy it again if I had to do it over."