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39 Reviews for (AEM UegoWideband Kits)

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10)
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AEM  AEM Uego Wideband Kits  

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10) - 39 Reviews  Write Review

10Nick39696"Great product, Fast Delivery, Great Job Horsepower Freaks !!!!!!"
10kevin112325"Everything went as planned"
9Ben90554"Easy install. All the wiring had plenty length. The response and accuracy is good. I use an AEM series 2 computer and have had no issues connecting the uego to the series 2."
10Walter85103"Works very very well, saves me a fortune in Dyno tuning, and shows how far off my guess tune was. Better fuel ecconomy and more power now. Guage has very fast response! I will buy another one!"
8Tsupranami"Probably the only AEM product that works on MKIII Supras without weeks of tech support and thousands of dollars in AEM professional tuning. I have one on my other Supra, been running it for many years, completely trouble free and easy to install, polar opposite of every other AEM product I have tried. AEM tech support is horrendously useless. Buy this guage, but save your pennies for EMS and piggyback systems from companies that support their products on MKIII Supras, like Greddy, HKS, and Apexi. UEGO Gauge is good, AEM support is like playing electronic roulette; try not to fry it while figuring it out on your own."
10Ivanov52613"This is a great product. Comes with all needed for install. Only need to weld the flange to the exhaust. Worked flawless firsth time."
10Ryan80586"The aem gauge was very simple to install. The hardest part of instalation is welding in the o2 bung."
10Justin1256"The aem is impressive compared to my old clunky FJO unit. i like the led sweep around the gauge to give an analog like reading along with the numeric values. the leads for the o2 allow for alot of flexibility when mounting the sensor. the compactness of the unit is great! as long as less expensive bosch sensor holds up it looks like a great unit."
10Jim60894"Nice unit. Gorgeous gauge. Very accurate. Easy install. Good quality."
7Ryan51807"Easy to install, just replaced my narrowband AFR gauge and works great. Very easy to read under WOT and keeps me informed on my engine."
10Jack48683"This is my 2nd one that I have owned and I love them both. Thanks Branden"
10Firas19889"Works extremely well, so long as you are not tuning below 11.0, which is outside the range of the gauge. The Bosch wideband sensor that is included is the same one my tuner uses."
10Chris33981"excelent product! i would recomend this over any other wideband on the market"
10Cory33828"AEM wideband was very easy to install and works great.."
10Paul39702"excelent product and best price for wideband i would strongly recomend for anybody with a turbocharged project car"
10Casey36817"thanks a million and cant wait to build up my next supra in assocation with horspowerfreaks"
10Jack31783"easy to install the a pillar pod worked with out any modsas well:)"
10Chris25533"works great, just as promised, easy install"
10Steven30299"Great product!!!! Works perfectly!!!! 2 Wire Install!!! Couldnt be easier!!!"
9Tyler29534"great product very easy to read and install"
9Gary28342"Easy installation. Plans were very clear. I was able to tune my 342s air fuel ratio and now it runs much better then before. My only comment is how sensitive the meter is. The digital numbers change extremely fast so you have to average the number you see. Very satisfied. Gary A"
10Donald27952"Great item at fantastic price!!"
9Kyle27801"This display unit is the best buabe I have ever bought for my car It was simple to install other than the fact that you have to weld in the bung for the Sensor."
10Marc11553"Excellent gauge to monitor your A/F ratio....especially if your car is forced induction."
10Aaron72502"Great product, easy to install, and works excellent"
9Tsupranami"Excellent product and value, great looks and performance after an easy install! A very affordable and accurate tuning tool."
9Todd26354"Install was easy, helps a lot for tuning and monitoring. Love the product."
9Chris26259"Very good product. Easy install."
9Hans26050"Easy to install. Just need to find someone to weld in the O2 bung if you can't weld. I really like this product. Helps you get a handle on the tuining of your vehicle."
10Dan14699"works great, just as advertised!"
10Alex20250"awsome product so easy to install"
8Michael16110"Product is great and installation is straight forward. AEM has not used plug harnesses which makes removing the gauge easier. Price was also great. Bang for the bucks in a gauge wideband."